Messin' with Barbie

There is something very therapeutic about messin' with barbie dolls. "Barbie " of course is used as a term to describe the type and not necessarily the brand "Barbie" - It is a much simpler way to describe those little teeny tiny waisted, big boobed, usually blonde haired dolls that aide in the advancement of psychotic episodes in teenage girls all over the world by 'teaching' them at an early age that there are actually diluted individuals that share our planet and believe that that is what women should like like. Whew! but, I digress. Now, of course I suggest these activities ONLY under the proper supervision( if you've never attempted such a thing before), with all safety precautions in place and PLEASE - only outdoors with a form of fire extinguisher and far away from anything you hold dear! That being said - I repeat- It is VERY therapeutic messin' with barbies. I prefer the whole blow them up, cover them with paint and then add an additional layer using an encaustic technique to finish their "new" look (with several trips back to the torch in between). But please, feel free to bend, mold, melt, paint etc. a barbie in your own manner. Guys and girls I have shared this with always find it strange at first, and yet - once started they never seem to want to stop! I am actually thinking of doing a workshop on this process. I have gotten a lot of rave reviews from those I have already let in on this little destructive activity. But as I told them... Sometimes the beginning of being creative, is being Destructive!!!

Have FUN~

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