Paradise in a Day!

So. The Gallery slide show finally worked itself out some time around midnight last night ~ I may be slow, but definitely persistent! And there is a small portion of it going on lower on the page. I will add more photos, however, at midnight, the sheer joy of getting the blasted thing to work was just fine with me!

It is a most spectacular day here at the Studio! Blue skies, cool temperatures and a breeze reminiscent of a summers gone by. Before you know it, it will be Autumn, and the leaves will turn to ephemeral compositions as though Monet himself graced the mountains with his brushes. Though I hear there will be one more blast of summer's heat on its way~ I for one love the Autumn months. Since we (meaning the eastern portion of these United States) basically got jipped out of the season last year, I am especially looking forward to it this year.

Until then - I hope everyone enjoys this day. A taste of months to come I hope. Take a walk, take a ride, hop on down to your local farmers' market, sit outside your favorite java joint (PERK<>


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Jill said...

Gallery looks awesome! It was a lovely day to slow down and sip the coffee on the porch of perk!See you soon...