Ta Daaaa! - The "After" part..

I am so excited. It turned out quite different than I anticipated, and yet wonderful! I can not wait to get through my day to day chores so that I can spend time in my "new" studio. It has taken about a year - but I think this renovation is a keeper. And, as I embrace the girl that I am- I absolutely LOVE the dreamy pink and tangerine sheers! The gentle breezes blowing through the studio (I am holding out till the last minute to put the windows up.) rustling them this way and that. Sigh. Good things will happen here. No doubt.


Leah said...

the space looks *awesome*!! can you come over and do my space next? :-)

Tracey J said...

Absolutely Leah! (hhmmm, working in my own vacation..) LOL ;)