In the Meantime :0)

OK- so I know that I promised to post a few of the in-process/sneak peak of the "Organics" and, I promise- I will. But some time you just have to break up the monotony of things. So- while the studio was frozen, I had to find other creative outlets- which interesting enough, led me right back to the studio. In an attempt to "warm" things up and boost the inspiration level of my work space.. I took a bunch of these........

And added a bit of this and that. A LOT of that wonderful German Glass Glitter, a few sticks, a bit of wire and a whole lot of ribbon. And now when I look up at my studio sky, it looks like this:

This of course is a "night view"- So I ran back out to the studio the next morning to get a "morning view" And I was not disappointed - the lovely pink goodness that envelopes the inner core of the studio was crowned with shimmery bursts and (since I always have to respect the dark side that rules over my Muse) Long, sharp pointy stuff that looks as though, should you take one step out of line - they will get you! Muah ha ha!
My stock of glass glitter has been severely diminished and the bottles are now under constant surveillance of the Guard:

Along side a constant reminder: A small chip board that I altered a while back
"CHOICES~ For The Cure Of Stuck- Stuck. In A Rut"

When things start to get redundant -it's time to make a few choices and shake things up again!
So there you have it. One more inspirational quick fix for the winter BLAHS... Every little bit helps. For those that live half their lives in temperatures below 25 degrees - you know how important it is to find little things that just make you happy. Looking up to sparkles, music blasting from all corners of the studio, the warm glow from the heater, and the stream of visitors and well-wishers that stop by to lookey-lou on progress made, share a glass of wine or just bask in the warmth of friendship, firelight and creativity. These are the things that get me through these cold months. The days are starting to get longer and brighter- soon they will be getting warmer. And a whole new exciting season starts to breathe at the studio- I just can't wait.

As for my new inspirational glittery goodness - they are staying. I can only imagine how they will sparkle when the sun hits them in the morning. Should be quite a show!



mmmm.. i love the sparklies!!!!

Thanks babe for all the words, they are so heartfelt. I have to tell you...I really feel bad, worse than any other death I've experieence- human or animal.

You're so's going to take a long long time.

Lorraine said...

I like your glittery baubles ..what a great idea..Your studio sounds such an inviting warm place..spring is nearly here but I like the seasons as I think I would get bored if it was hot all the time!! Thanks for your great comment on my latest canvas page

Bone*Head*Studios said...

OOOOOoooo such yummy ,delighful sites for the eyes!!!