A crazy, cold Monday full of lists

Crazy, cold monday~
It is a definite sign that the seasons are in transition- one day warm, the next day... not so much. The winds finally subsided long enough to finish the studio. Wintering the studio that is. Having a studio that has 2 sides with full open windows is a wonderful thing, most of the time. Now that the winds are starting to chill it is time to batten up the hatches, seal up the windows and make room for the winter muses to move in. One more thing to check off the list.

love lists. It's how I get things done. Which is funny, because in my "corporate world" life- I hated lists.  I used to know what needed to be done, and just did it. methodical, mind numbing routines. Now that I am living more in the moment- I am finding that things come and go much quicker. Distractions come quite often. Not the bad, take me away distractions- but more of the... ohhhhhh shiny! distractions. I get caught up in the studio and hours pass and, well, things just get put off to the next day, until something else draws my attention. So, every night, I bring out the index cards and make a list of things that absolutley have to get done the next day, and check, check, check them off. The earlier I get the list done, the longer I have to play!
Speaking of lists... I feel one coming on...

- working on a few mixed-media pieces, a custom and a birthday present
- trying to be inspired to come up with a goody for the Halloween party~ only 5 days away!
-Anyone interested in winning some serious Halloween goodies should definitely go here.
-Very inspired by Seth Apter. if you have not been introduced~please, do so now. A truly passionate artist.
-Can NOT wait to see this. As a result, my computer now looks like this.
-If you are looking to learn how to market your wares on the web- You need to check out this ecommerce workshop.  The least you need to do is introduce yourself to Laura Bray- and sign up for her newsletter- what's to lose? You won't be disappointed.
-I so totally want this.

Enjoy each other.
Live well.



List? Ah girl--come on. Now you've joined the ranks of my kiddo, my hubs, my MIL, my mom, my best friend...how does this happen? LOL

How can people sit there and waste time on jotting things down? I have a flakey memory but I do not make list...hehe!!!!!
Just messing with you girl..I've missed you and what's this you talking about it getting cold? Grrrr...I hate winter---ohh--and I feel it coming too!!

di from di-did-it said...

Yup, I'm a list-maker too. It helps clear the clutter in my head. Write it on the list and then forget about it until it comes up next on the list. And as for the 'ohhhh shiny!' distractions... DH laughs at me all the time for this, saying, affectionately... "look, a bunny!" LOL

Stay warm, happy & healthy

alteredbits said...

oooh, you DID change things around here, didn't you! how fantastically fun!

i like lists too, but i lose them or they become paint palettes or the like, then i can't read them. i used to use tadalist.com but then i'd close the tab and forget to look at it later. it's quite fantastic though! (i just got ADD and started a new list!)

i want to see that movie too, and love that print. fun! and is that very top piece yours? 'cause i LOVE it!

Whisperings 13 said...

Well, Cinni~ you are a better woman than I! HA! if I don't jot them down- I wind up remembering them at 3AM! hee hee- and a girl has to sleep some time!!

Di~ I know- right! HA HA! ohhhhhhh, a bunny!!!!! I love it!

Whoot! Alicia in the house! hmm- I don't know about that on line list thingy- I would probably forget to turn the computer on!! (going to ning now to follow- silly me! i should have know better! hahaha)
can't wait to catch up!