Looking down the path, Wips and Exciting news!

A view from my window reminds me that the change of seasons has finally taken hold. Up until a few days ago, the canopy was thick with leaves and the underbrush still quite green. The dawn brought a new mystical look to the woods around the studio; the fog rolling up through the valley- now visible as the transformation of thicket to sparse winter cover has been completed. Yesterdays dreams of basking in warm sunshine have been replaced by dreams of the first snowfall. Anticipating the brisk air, the long quiet nights and glow of hearth fires I look forward to the upcoming change once more.

Prior to the wonderfully haunting and Magical Halloween party (hosted by our dear friend Vanessa at a Fanciful Twist)- we were in the middle of a few Wips- The conclusion to these Wips was the addition of the Opaque Flake Medium (Goldens)- remember how I said “go for the Flake and not the Opaque...” Once dried- the flake stands out and the medium disappears into the background (since we added nothing to it) giving the appearance of leaves, snow, etc. with three-dimensional values. A very cool effect.

For the color blocked squares- I went back and mixed a paint two hues off from the original base color- and individually painted the leaves in, leaving parts of the flake bare to give natural highlights and further the dimensional effect. A coat of archival clear gloss and a dark edge paint- and they are done! And it is time to move on to other projects~

I am working on a project entitled "Sideshow Freaks" with one of my groups- and this little darling will be the next WIP that I share with you. She was inspired by Josephene Myrtle Corbin, (1868-1928)- and is quite a fun piece to work on!

It is also time to start looking forward to the Christmas holiday rush- the Elves are on their way!

In other news from the studio-

I am very excited to share that The Canvas Project book has been published! Hoot!! And am even more excited to share this! :


I also want to direct everyone to the link on the left side bar to the Where Women Create blog! If you haven't viewed their blog- you must run over immediately and check it out! What a magical wondrous journey. I am just over the moon that I have been included on their "Link" list (Wadsworth-Noll Studio)! Life is super good!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Hallo'ween and Blessed Samhain!
Until next time,
Enjoy each other.
Live well.


Sonia ;) said...

You deserve all the great news and wonderful WIPs you have been working on. Glad to see ur up and working..Oink oink...Love ya


Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

wow, great work!! I love, love, love the trees. Don't call her a freak to her face, she's sweet, I want to hug her!!

Seth said...

That first photo is mysterious and yet inviting. And your canvas is fantastic!