Long Overdue Greetings and News From the Studio

The holiday season has taken on a life of its own here at the studio- it just seems as though there isn't enough time to get done what needs to be done, much less what I want to get done! Now that the festivities are waning, along with that blue moon, I am hoping that things will get back to some sort of normalcy... Normalcy? What is that exactly? If anyone has a hint or a clue that they could share with me- I would be supremely grateful! Being one of those individuals that thrives on change- you would think I would be handling this whole traveling through life at Mach 3 with my hair on fire scenario that seems to be here of late- but, alas, I am not. Beyond popular belief, one can have a very exciting by the seat of your pants lifestyle and still enjoy order. The order part these days, yeah- not so much. And the simplest things seem to be taking the longest to complete.

Let us take blogging for example- simple process really- sign in, write, post. Done. And yet it takes forever to get done! Mental note- New Year, new blog schedule. Or at least try to keep up- would you? (that is me, scolding myself in my head). It IS the New Year! 2010! Hoot!! Happy New Year everyone! (see- I am over due in that. What would Miss Manners say!!)

People have been asking about new year's resolutions and what I want out of this year, and yadda, yadda, yadda. As a practice- I do not make resolutions as they are typically emotionally induced word vomit for the moment the question is posed in. Either people break their resolutions within days or scurry around like chipmunks before a snowstorm at the end of the year to get them all in before the clock strikes midnight. It is my personal opinion that people should try to live more authentically than that. So, in my own personal attempt to accomplish this- I want out of this year the same as every year. I want to do it better. From being a better human to being a better artist. I want to live, love, create and laugh better than I did the year before. There is always room for improvement. To live in this world and not on it -that is my every year goal. To interact with my fellow man, and to do it with heart, laughter, honesty and integrity. Sometimes I don't get it right. Sometimes I do.
 Okay- enough of that. Time to get on with the year at hand!

I am currently working on a series of illustrations for a set of Girlfriend cards to be set for printing early spring- so keep a look out for them! This is just a preliminary WIP taste.

Also- After several pushes from various individuals to write a book- I have finally decided to push past the inner-critic monster and have committed to do the same. I will be able to give details to that in a few- so just keeping your fingers in the crossed positions for now would be amazingly appreciated.

I am also in the process of working with a group of extremely talented artists to produce a series of mixed-media altered tarot cards. I wasn't prepared for how difficult this one was going to be. You know- tarot cards- right up my alley! Should be a breeze! HA! Yeah- not so much- Even though the “assignment” was up to artist interpretation- a large amount of symbolism still needs to be included to make them “authentic” and that inlays the constraint. But this too shall be worked through- I have almost completed my first “card” The World.

Beyond that is VERY cold here in the northeast. Not much unlike most of the country these days... Snow, in Texas! And freezing temperatures in Florida! And we decide to try to blow a hole in the moon. But hey that is another whole soapbox for another day.
 In the meantime, this is the view from the studio these days- it is no wonder I am bundled from head to toe. So thankful for the lovely girls at Sockdreams-  In the dreamy cold city of Portland- These gals know what they are doing! They are my one true vice. OTK's and warmers to just... yum! Check them out when you get a chance- just be prepared- you are not going to want to leave without buying something!

For me- I am off- to throw another log on the fire, visit all of you lovelies and do some serious blog surfing.

May you all find what you are looking for in this new year.

Enjoy each other.
Live well.


Bone*Head*Studios said...

Hey Tracy love the post,especially the drawing of the sweet little girl!!! Hope your New Year is starting out well!!

Sophia said...

Good to see you back. I hope we'll be seeing more of you in the future. I love your artwork and find it quite inspiring.

Happy New Year! :)


Ohhh draw me---me----mee!!!! That girlfriends series is going toblow things out of the water--Hehe..I didn't see this post a few minutes ago..so I gave yu a long spill on this previous post!!!
Man oh man--girl you've been busy this winter, look at all that glorious art!!! ohhh --me likey!!

Whisperings 13 said...

Flora: Happy New Year! Isnt she a doll? Twice as cute in real life- that was an easy one! Lol

Sophia- darling, it is good to be bck I will be cecking in again shortly- Thank you for those sweet words- good way to start a new year!

Cinni- got the spill, thats okay I have an alternative for you! Hee HEE!Keep your fingers crossed!
*hugs to all!*

Renee said...

Do not postpone joy. Soooo true.


Seth said...

Happy new year to you! The glimpse of The World is amazing!

Whisperings 13 said...

and so often forgotten, Renee. I think that is going to be my mantra for this year!

Thank you, Seth!

di from di-did-it said...

book? did you say book?!?! YAY from one of those nudgers.... figners are crossed for ya!!!



Sent you an email dearest!!! hey hey...hey...it sunday and rainy, my bones hurts..but I'm gonna get some creative stuff done...even if it kills me...giggle giggle. I think I need more pain killers.
No seriously come on over and share your mojo.

Anonymous said...
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