tis the season; for tradition, a story, a new shop, a few updates and a sale to be

okay, so maybe i am getting a bit ahead of myself, or even the season but when you spend as much time as is needed creating for the next season- i have been waiting with anticipation for thanksgiving to pass and for the holiday season 'to begin'.
as a child, it was the day that the boxes were hauled from the attic and the tree was placed, that the holidays began to come alive. box after box of lights and tinsel and every ornament lovingly placed upon the tree, after a close inspection and the recant of a story as to its origin. every year since i can remember there was a gift of a new ornament to place on the tree. when we were just little tots, they were ornaments we made ourselves from clothes pins and paint or macaroni and glitter; as we got older they were symbols of events, of adventures and travels and each one a memory- if only a memory of a smile of a moment in time.

my great aunt is responsible for my love of creating ornaments. she would spend months sewing and gluing; beading and tacking; sequins, lace and shiny gold hangers- she made ornaments. dozens of ornaments. little dolls with locks of yellow yarn and gingerbread men with white rickrack icing; soldiers with big red top hats and green felted christmas trees with tiny little bells- she was a master. one year she created an entire felted manger scene. dozens of little ornaments all strung on lines of gold; wisemen  dressed in long colorful robes bearing gifts and  large white camels with bright turquoise saddles; donkeys and sheep and a barn with a manger and a bright shiny star. every one a gift, every one more detailed than the next and every one destined for that tree; and then the box, and then the tree. year after year. the ornament box comes out and the memories flood back like hidden treasures tucked safely away awaiting to be discovered again.
so it is no wonder that i tend to go a wild when it comes to creating ornaments and fun little celebrations of the season.
between local shows and deadlines, i have managed to stay pretty on top of things so far this season- which i have to say i am pretty proud of *pat on back*- i spent this morning adding new listings to the etsy shop- so stop on by to check out the new ornaments- new this year; i have added gift boxes! so many people asked for gift boxes so they could spread the love- i thought it would be much simpler this year if i just added them to the listing- so if you purchase an ornament you have the option of purchasing a gift box. gift andddd DOne!

due to a great new promotion that artfire was having- i closed my shop over there and opened a brand new one- also "Whisperings 13"- ends a lot of confusion and is allowing me to tidy up the branding of the studio. I hope to have enough inventory to add some things to the new artfire shop the first week of December- but i have to wait until after the old fashioned christmas celebration on the 4th. the etsy shop will be closed the 3rd through the 5th as i re-sort and restock.
e-commerce will never cease to amaze me. it is unpredictable and predictable at the same time. when something doesn't work- it really doesn't work. when something works, it takes off and leaves your head swimming as to why, why, why as you dogie paddle through the bliss of a successful campaign. i find myself in this conundrum with my holiday SNoWiEs. two days after i listed them, my email was flooded with requests and my custom order drying table looked like this:
these sweet little snowmen (or whats left of them)  have been a wonderful hit and i am very excited as to how they have been received! as i finish up on the last of the latest orders, i am coming to the realization that i am going to have to put a deadline on orders for multiple SNoWiEs- but that is to be determined. in the meantime there are still a few available in the etsy shop.

a *super SNoWiE* three times as large as the other SNoWiEs-
only one being created! will be listing later this week.

keep your eyes out for a sale coupon coming this week, just for blog readers, hive members and facebook fans of the studio. *how cool is it that etsy finally caught up and allows us to run specials now*

i go back to greedily awaiting the first snow of the season, the warmth towards others that people seem to find and the magic that envelopes the world.

live well.
love each other.

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