on summer travels and things that caught my eye

I always rather enjoy the travels of summer, or should i say the drives of summer as I rarely fly to my destinations domestically- i guess you can say i am a child of the *road trip*- a few snacks, a rucksack, a camera and a map and i am good to go. travel by plane and you miss the richness of the american road and all it has to offer. you just need to get off the highway now and again to make sure you catch it.
this summer the direction was south. the starting point; where new york meets canada. the finish line was the treasure coast. 1,380 miles, 8 states, 4 weeks and a whole lot of coffee. (thank god for starbucks venti quad mochas. how would i function?)
the coastal route has the best architecture. and once you get into the deep south- it's as if
you stepped back in time.
can you just imagine what the inside of this old theatre looks like? i silently hope they
have restored it to its original grandeur as i pass by. that would be lovely.

Bob's your uncle. Fannie's your aunt. Life is good. enough said.

while i always enjoy the journey- the finish line is well met and there
is still work to be done. and so we move on to Halloween!
Welcome to the Spirits in Sanford!
Did i mention that the women at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery have a way
with entertaining? would you have ever thought of a prosciutto brain skull. very cool.
(me being goofy, again, in front of my doll display. )
after years of seeing their work via everywhere, this was my first show with the ever-so-charming Jorge de Rojas and the quite adorable (i can call him adorable 'cause he's the one in the stripey tights and buckle shoes!) Allen Cunningham.  Both have hearts of gold and a talent unique as they are. it certainly was a pleasure to hob with them for a while.
the new steampunk zombie ornaments were unleased at Spirits, and i am thrilled to say they were very well received. while they have just about sold out, there are a few that you can purchase here .

And after all of that excitement, the miles on the road, the intense southern heat (yes, 82 degrees is INTENSE in October for a northern girl!), concerts on the warf and barefoot midnight strolls in the surf- i reach the mountains again...
Looking forward to the slight chill in the autumn air, candle-lit pumpkins, crunching leaves beneath my feet; the wonder that is the season between summer and winter.
let's just say mother nature had other plans.

♥*¨)¸.·´¸.·*´¨live well.
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*love each other.

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