rainy days are good for...

while snow is still expected this coming week, the next few days are offering nothing but rain. I have always found it curious that at the first sign of a sunny day- the windows fly open and everything just begs to be cleaned and tidy. Kitchen floors scrubbed, windows polished, floors vacuumed and tables cleared. but i digress. that was yesterday.
Today it rains. and rainy days are good for sleeping in and hot cups of tea. fresh baked bread to warm the lower rooms (and the tummy!), long naps under big fluffy down comforters, movies and endless hours of painting.

 time to finish up on new spring offerings.
and then a few more paintings.

while I do look forward to sunny days and the plotting of the garden, i think for now it's nap time.
stay dry.

live well.
love each other.

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