Getting into a rhythm

When people originally heard of this hair brain idea, the first (and unanimous) response was..."how on earth are you going to make it through the winter?" followed by a variety of suggestions and warnings of cabin fever and how to survive it.  The problem, though, is not the winter itself (if you are prepared). it is winter afterall. You head into it fully stocked with provisions, heat source, secondary heat source, back-up to secondary heat source, fuel for the generator in case all else fails and a large array of reading materials. You expect large amounts of snow, intense cold and long hours of solitude. It is winter afterall. And when the temperature isn't cold enough to take your breath away or instantly freeze solid the tears from your wind stung eyeballs- it is a glorious place to explore and wander, a sanctuary of mother nature's hardiest creations. No, it is not the winter that is the problem. In reality, and most obsurdly, it is the Spring that gives the most issue when trying not to go one hundred percent, over the edge, bat-shit crazy.

let me explain.

There are months of snow up to your arse, winds storming off the lake at a blistering speed and ice jams higher than you can reach. weeks of being entertained (and some what amused) by the scufflings of predator/prey survival dances outlined in snow. Days of walking to the end of the drive and standing, swallowed in the silence and in the knowing that, besides your one 'neighbor' there are thirty miles between you and any other human.  all surreal and empowering experiences (which I strongly recommend be experienced) and yet, the spirit longs for a change. whether through nature or nurture, we look forward to the time of sunshine and growth. Long, warm days. Cool starry nights. warm earth and green leaves. It lingers in your mind, teasing you as if a dream you can almost remember.

one day, you wake up to the most glorious sunshine. Spring has sprung, the Equinox has passed, the ice shards have receded and little pokes of life start to emerge. The lake turns brighter blue, you hear the cry of a far off gull returning home and your wonderful warming world looks like this:
Yeah! it's Spring! it's Spring! you brave the still brisk morning air, crawl out of the cave fresh with coffee in hand to sit and revel in the splender of the day. Warry but hopeful.

The next day- oh can it be??!! more of the same! It must be true! Spring is here!sunshine and the twitter of birds. Breathe deep, take it all in. The crisp blast of oxygen hits the brain like a drug and you can't help yourself. you know your just setting yourself up, but, oh its so good. and Plans. you have Plans. lots and lots of plans. Plans that have been fostering in your mind these frigid months come spewing out like a volcano. Garden layouts, seed catalogs, deadlines to order chicks and keets and onion sets. Fences to repair and grounds to shore. winter storm damage to be repaired and cleaned up. Time to get out the equipment, check all the lines and gauges and fuel levels. Rake. where is the rake? oh, but life is grand. and happy. and sunny. and you have been set free unto the world again. YIPEEEeeee.

The next day, you leap from your bed fresh from the dream of thawing earth. Distracted by the thoughts of garden beds and baby goats. brush your teeth, brew the coffee, toast the bread. scratch that, you'll eat later- it's still early. Boots on, coat. work gloves. open door...... BAM
your world now looks like this:
oh what a fickle mistress this mother nature is! Cursing the wind, slam the door, strip the clothes. Return to bed with covers securely tucked over your head. Avoid news and weather for three days. Start process over again.

And so it goes. Hope and disappointment. Sun ladened mornings and harsh, icing nights. an entire month. and then the next. month. Those beautiful months the rest of the world knows as Spring, we just simply now refer to as. ugh.

So here we are at the end of April and it seems that the farm is starting to get into a rhythm. The weather has held for one week. and by held, i mean to say that we have had no snow. atleast none that has reached the ground and has had the nerve to stay.  Loads of rain- but then that is always a good thing.

and yesterday, in a moment of defiance, I donned my winter get-up, masked my face, grabbed the keys and scooted around the Point. I may have froze my arse off, but I think mother nature has gotten the point. I will not go quietly.

and I was rewarded for my efforts with this beauty.

another defiant creation. did you know, that when the willow warms with the spring, its new tendrils are flamed in the most delightful yellow? The willow is fast becoming a favorite in my love affair with trees.

till then,
live well.
be happy.

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