Poof. Part two. take 27. the plaster

of course now that time has loosened and the rains are here- blogger has decided to not cooperate- in a very large way. only HTML allowed. nothing else will work, and frankly people- i am too tired to try to be that clever. the change of seasons has brought me the inevitable cold and delightful pair of tody goggles has left me a bit fuzzy. so. photo bombs it is. you are hereby relieved of reading rambling banter and trite commentary from the peanut gallery until further notice (either blogger gets its act together or the [purely medicinal, mind you] whiskey haze wears off enough for me to figure something else out) so there you are; interpret as you will, catch up, flip through, enjoy. life in pictures begins ...now

live well.
love each other.


di from di-did-it said...

absolutely love all the textures and depth of your art ♥

Whisperings 13 said...

thank you Di!