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Enjoy the day!

The storms have moved in and Winter has come early to the North Country. I'd give you a pretty picture of the snowfall, but Blogger is pitching fits again. We'll be back shortly with an update. In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat to much, laugh to much, enjoy the day! ~tracey jean

clownin' around

Now that Halloween has past, i can finally share a very special piece i had been working on.  I was commissioned to make a doll replica of a special gentleman that had passed. I was given the photo (in the bottom right corner of the first photo) and given the following requirement. the wig, the fangs and blood. The award was to be given in D.C. at a party held on Halloween- so no chance of ruining any surprise- and the wonderful client gave me plenty of time to complete the project (not all do you know -wink, wink)

not knowing the person in question and yet knowing that it was going to be used as an award in his honor, to celebrate his love for Halloween and dressing a bit 'psycho'- i can tell you now- it was a daunting task. challenging new territory. i liked it.

it isn't often that, as an artist, you are presented with such out of the comfort zone commissions. usually, you are commissioned to make duplicates of your work that people love, but are not always quick enough to purchase the original. To get a commission so out of my territory, and for such an emotional work- i was truly honored.
the frosting?  the client was over the moon with the outcome.

and i must admit, i am pretty pleased with the outcome- not a bad liking, eh?

celebrate on another.
be a clown.

what apple?
 i didn't take no stinkin' apple.
chomp, chomp, chomp.

laugh well.
share the feast.

a good night

Dance around the bonfire.
toast the new year.
honor your ancestors.
be thankful for the harvest.
share the feast.
enjoy the night.
Happy Halloween.
Blessed Samhain.