Consider the Journal

I have got to be the worst when it comes to procrastination. It’s like, I know what needs to be done, but because I can already see it in my head as being complete, I let it go. Until the last possible minute. This is VERY counter-productive when it comes to art deadlines, advertising, getting ready for shows, ect. I realize this. I do. I am forever yelling at myself because of it. And yet.. {{sigh}} – I am hopeless. What I have found – that after reading, perusing and otherwise slobbering over the publication “1000 Artist Journal PagesI am NOT ALONE! – How liberating! How comforting! Take a moment. Take an hour. Take a day! Go to the library. Go to your bookstore. Read. Peruse. Connect. Seriously. In a few short hours (there are 1000 of them!) I found the following: I am not the only artist that goes through “What the hell – this is crap – what am I doing” stages. I am not the only procrastinator. (yeah me!). I am not the only person that feels color. I am not alone in my struggle against conformity. I love my “oddity”. And there are others like me: Strong, powerful, vibrant; with a zest for life and an appreciation for their individuality. Others that believe in who they are and what they do, and yet have struggles with “finding someone” , or even believing that there is “a” someone. The 1000…Pages not only gives you a glimpse of the amazing talents of the artists but also a glimpse into their humanity. A refreshing change to the otherwise over publicized “look how wonderful my life is, how grand is my studio, how special am I..” art books. Hey… guess what….. They ARE human too!!


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