A Froud-ian Experience

What a crazy month! I can't believe it's almost over, after waiting six months for it to arrive! Why was I looking forward to May? Well, to answer that I have to say... SO. If you ever get the chance, I strongly urge everyone able to take a workshop with Wendy Froud! I spent the first weekend in May in NYC at a 3 day workshop with Wendy and Toby Froud. A gal pal artist friend of mine (Michelle of Crow Haven Farms) joined me and what a weekend it was! Like a marathon of creativity. What lovely people they are. Not that you would expect any less, but lets face it - the Froud name is not unknown. And I for one have been a Froud fan for, well, for MANY years! To be in the midst of greatness, learning and sharing with a master of an art, well, everyone should try it at least once in their artistic career. A) You get excellent tips B) you learn to use things that you are already using in a whole new way. - Different Perspective! C) You find out first hand, that these artists, these seemingly "untouchables", are human. And quite delightful humans at that. Now some say it takes the whole mystique away from "ze Artist" (that was pronounced with a haughty french accent by the way) - However, I see it as a glimmer of hope. A realm of possibility. A sparkle, if you will, of a potential future. Not that I would dream of being as well known, as accomplished or as, well let us just say it, as bloody brilliant as any of the Frouds, but, seeing that they are still human; Curious, natural, flawed, magnificent, talented, humorous, wonderful creatures - well, there is a glimmer of "yeah - I could do that (be a full time artist)". If not for any of those overtly philosophical reason - you have to take a workshop- just to see Wendy create a 15 second foot. We timed her. I believe the comment was " holy crap - that was a 15 second foot!" It was... jaw dropping. Understanding that the woman has probably made 8,473 feet in her life time and practice makes perfect - it is an amazing thing to behold. The precision and detail - in 15 seconds! Holy crap is right! - not to be out done of course, Toby was right behind her with a 42 second hand.- Posh you say, 42 seconds! Well, the detail in this hand: from fingernails to knuckles to the gentle grace of the curve of the palm - Un-freakin believable! - LOL - that alone is worth taking the course!

The Objective of the workshop was to create a creature/figure/doll - what ever your fancy - from wire to finished product. And when I tell you - it is an intensive 3 days - fur and glue were flying everywhere. What an amazing group of talented people attended this workshop. I didn't get to see everyone finished piece (So hey - if anyone that attended the workshop is reading this - Fess up and send me a pic of your final piece! I'll have a recap on the blog!)

Truly a delightful weekend. Truly wonderful wonderful people, the Frouds are! I urge everyone, to take an artist they admire, an artist whose work speaks to them in some way, and take their workshop. It is a life experience.

Here is , at least part of, my spirit guide created that weekend. Considering I had never worked with polymer clay before that weekend - I was pretty impressed with the medium - but give full credit to the teachers.

Until next time.

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