Current Quandary or Momentary Dither?

I work backwards. and sideways and even upside down, sometimes. I can't help it. It seems to be the only way I can get things done. For example; when making art dolls, the appropriate way to create an art doll (as suggested by many well established doll artists) is to create the armature, then the head, hands, feet; paint/accent and attach all the pieces; dress the little bugger and then add the hair and final embellishments. (usually explained that the hair gets all funked up and in the way if put on before hand) I can't do it. I am art-doll-challenged (that's PC, by the way- lol) I have to create the head, paint in its features and add the hair first - then everything else - oh and hands and feet are last - usually second last only to dressing - I can not vision a personality unless the head is complete. I fully respect those that can get a full vision of what something is supposed to look like before they even start - but as for me - I just can't do it. Once the personality is established things to tend to flow - but otherwise- I'm just staring at a lump of clay and wire. I am hoping that this is a process that will just take over as I learn more, develop additional technique, etc... but for now - this seems to be working for me - it is just a very odd picture when you walk into the studio and you are exposed to a scene that looks similar to an act of Vlad the Impaler - little finished heads/torsos on sticks everywhere (minus the gore)- Thus is born the next one that just cracks me up (some do that!) She has such a goofy grin and the freckles! - I still have no idea who or what she will become - for now she is happy on her stick in the studio... I will just have to wait and see.


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