News from the Studio

There is a reason why I seldom take those precious moments to get away from the world. When I get back, it seems as though everything comes racing in at a rapid speed. And while I am still in slow motion vacation time, "Overwhelmed" happens very quickly!

In my absence, I have had a request for two custom pieces, have a "show of sorts" on August 1st, and a request for "as many pieces as possible" for Musikfest. Whew! My bad. I completely forgot that Musikfest was in two weeks! So. Unfortunately this means that I must put off the opening of the Etsy shop until after the festival. (poop) What this does mean - is that all you out of town guests and loyal local followers, will be able to see/purchase a wide variety of works at Ostara* in Bethlehem during the festival, which begins August 1st.

I will be making several posts over the next few days, with new pieces, dolls, etc. that will be available at Ostara*. The shop is located at 521 Main Street, Bethlehem, right at the heart of the festival. Please stop in and check out all of the wonderful and eclectic array of wares. The Proprietor, Mary, is a fantastic woman, and great supporter of local artists, and her shop is truly a magical place.


Check back for updates on the schedule for August 1. While Musicfest opens in Bethlehem, First Friday celebration will be taking place in downtown Emmaus - and I will be performing the great task of being in two places at once!, where did I put that timeturner????.... It should be quite a beginning to what is turning into quite a month!

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