Back to the work week - bubbles up!

Well, back to another Monday - Big weekend at the Studio - work, work, work - and not on "artsy" things either! The problem with being "handy" and infuriatingly independent - is that one feels compelled to do everything themselves. So, to that end, it is time to get things started for winter. Buttoning things up, battening things down (this is primarily a slooooow process - I love the open air of the studio to much to close it up to soon). However, living beneath the trees provides one with great strength training activities, once Fall arrives...... RAKING LEAVES! So this year, the outside of the studio, and its surrounding gardens had to be modified to accommodate the leaf blowers we purchased last year. Galpal and fellow artist, Michelle of Crow Haven Farms (check the link to the right) came over and jumped right in. It took us about 5 hours to complete but the resulting improvements are so worth it! And Michelle was such a good sport and worked her fanny off! It is GOOD to have friends! And now there is nothing left to do but enjoy the crisp Fall days (and nights) at the Studio! So between those activities and beginning the opening of the Etsy shop - things have been quite busy. I am fighting my usual change of season urges to create LARGE. I always want to bring out the torches and the plasma cutter and start sculpting as soon as the weather turns cool. And right now there are just to many other projects out there that need to be completed.
This week the Etsy shop should be open. And a few gallery pieces completed. All in all - looking forward to the weekend!!
Have a great week.

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