Just a thought.

One thing I have learned over the years - Do not blog when you are suffering from disappointment AND have made the mistake of watching the news.
Bad things happen and rants take on a life of their own. Next thing you know you are on a soap box tall enough to challenge the Empire State Building. And it's very hard to get down.
Rather than head down that road, I'm making a quick left turn and instead am going to leave a short list. I know next to zero (and it becomes more apparent every day) but what I have figured out is this:

-Tomorrow is another day. Remember to take time. there really isn't enough.
-Show those people that are important to you that they are important to you. If for no other reason - be selfish - think of how horrible you will feel if you don't get another chance.
-Pride will get you nowhere. In fact, it may cost you more than you realise.
-You really need to laugh more often. Act silly. Dance. Sing. Do something outrageous.
-Don't be scared - Change. Everything will be OK. Fighting it is futile.
-Everyday, every second brings another set of choices. Take advantage of them.
-Be kind. To those you know - and those you don't.
-Smile. even if you have to fake it to start - you'll mean it in the end.

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Jill said...

Beautifully said!