Losin' my mind!

See this... This is me...

Between deadlines and work, it seems as though there is just not enough time to do much of anything else. Every week, I say that things will lighten up - and slow down a bit - but it just doesn't seem to be happening!

I suppose however, looking at things from another perspective would lead me to..... it's better to be busy than bored! I could be sitting here complaining about how none of my work is selling, or I haven't had a commission in months. So - on that happy note - things could be a lot worse in a completely different way! Woo Hoo!
I am truly blessed!

I still have to post to the Etsy shop - but all of my work is either sold or in a shop somewhere else. Once I get a few more pieces completed - TheGigglingGoblin will have inventory - I promise!

There wasn't much going on in the studio this past week. I was suffering from artist block there for a few days - but as of this afternoon - that seems to have been... blown right out of my mind... It is amazing what dissolves an artist block~ and amazing really describes what dissolved mine!

So, it is back to the studio. Ideas flowing, paint flinging , stuff flying about everywhere!!! Better duck!!

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Damselfly said...

Hey I keep checking for your etsy site but it's not there yet...come on...jk. (Oh FYI...John Hopwood's wife here) I just got mine up and running (ValnotteStudio) although the running part is really up to everyone else! who isn't my mom ("Of course I'll buy something honey!")