Hmmmm. busy, busy, busy

I feel like I've been away forever! Trying to manage the dratted "day job", getting the Etsy shop up and running and keeping up with every day life seems to have gotten the better of me lately!
Whew! I have been unable to get to my computer this past week to keep up with and catch up with everyone and all of your emails! How frustrating to see them roll in on the new and improved (sarcasm) google home page and not be able to answer! So, everyone~ I know this week will be better, a bit more time (the boss is out of the country! ) so I promise I will catch up with everyone this week!

In the meantime~ I have been working on a new series of Totems for Etsy. Everything should be ready for the grand opening! Keep checking back - I will be having special swaps, giveaways, and specials. Just cause you have all been so patient in my opening process. For those that have "hearted" my shop, there will be something special for you as well. (and, yes~ if you heart my shop before I check it to stock it next weekend~ it will still count! teehee - I know who the loyals are!)~ Till then. Have a wonderful, wonderful!

darkest of dark and brightest of bright!


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Hey there!!
I was the other day and noticed me over to the right!!
**giggle giggle**

BAck at you girl!!

Well I hope life slows down a bit for you so youc an start getting all your goodies made. Sounds like tootal fun. But I know what you mean, school takes up too much of my free time day it will be all over and I can blog hop and spend all my time on the computer if I want...LOL

Have a great week