Secret Exposed!

So, it seems that exciting things have been happening while I have been incommunicado. It seems that a friend of mine has been keeping a secret from me. One that needs to be shared with everyone!
Michelle of Crowhaven Farms Studio has submitted her work and been accepted for publication in the Winter Issue of Art Doll Quarterly!! She creates these quirky, whimsical creatures in a series she calls Eclectic Beings. And what a lovely layout they put together! Here is a preview, but make sure you all go out and grab a copy of the magazine so that you get the full effect of these adorable beings!
Congratulations Michelle! Good Show!
If this doesn't get those positive energies flowing in the right direction, nothing will!!

To see more of Michelle's whimsical creations visit her shop at :

I am just so proud of my little friend!



Oh How exciting!!!!

How did she manage to keep this s secret? So glad for her.

That magazine is always loaded with the best ideas, artists and inpirations!!


Aw hey there you...thanks so much for the heartfelt smiles and hugs!!! I really needed it.
I just felt like I was kicked in the teeth yesterday...I was just complaining about the daily life..if you know what I mean.

Cold and rain have a way of bring me down...but never for too long!

I hope things are going well for you with everything!!!

I'm sending hugs too!! XOXOXO...
cause we can all use them regardless of the day.

Take it easy and have a great time this weekend...with whatever you've got going on.


PS...ummm, excuse on that studio!!!!
Hot damn....I love it!!!!

I'm girly girly too...with a potty mouth of

Gail Lackey said...

Ghostly Greetings! thanks for stopping by and the nice comments! Ahh yes.. the gnomeys and treesys.. go well with ghosties! Would love to come and haunt the grounds around Pa!
Have a SpOOktacular Evening!