the Giggling Goblin

Well, it sure has taken me long enough, eh?!

But finally, I have finished all the red-tape, ect. to place items in the Etsy shop!! Boy, I have gained ALOT of respect for people that do this full time- and list like hundred's of creations! ( where do they find the time?)

I am soooooo excited! Silly, I know - but hey - that was a lot of work! and it's one more thing

off the "TO-DO" list!

I will be adding items all week. Seems my one major snafu was that I neglected to read the fine print of the photo size - so I have to go back and resize all of them, but - hey - It's all GOOD!

So, please take a moment and check it out. Have a peek. Take a gander. tee hee.

Link is over there------------------------------->

Have a wonderful weekend all.!



Daydreamer :) said...

Hi Tracey,

I have wondered the same thing - where do they find the time?!

Good luck with your shop!

Ogre hug,
Heather :)


Hey you!

I love the shop. Oh my mean wow. You're a talented artist..I'm so not worthy to be graced with your presence..**wink wink** How did I get so lucky?
I can't imagine the kind of time it takes to create something so magical!! I complain when I can't finish a stupid old scrap page in 5hours..LOL and here you are blowing me away!!

No seriously..I love your work.
I can't wait to see what else you put in your shop. focus focus...back to me...hehe. Ok...I tried to take your advice and get into the grove with things that make me happy. Well, I have no pink lovelies now I'm the hunt to get me some "happy joy" items to break out at times such as those. So wish me luck!!!

PS....mmmm Sometime you'll have to post a pictures of yourself...cause right now all I can picture is a "15-inch emo little girl, with sad eyes!!!! I went to bed last night thinking about you...wondering what you looked like. I hope you aren't that short in real BUt then again...I'd be taller...and that's a good thing. I'm off to start my hunt. Take it easy....get to dancing or enjoying some secret damn..I love that!!