Lets do the time warp, Agaaaaaaaain!

I 'm not sure why it happens - but I do know that it definitely happens - those times when you have to do sooooo many things and you know you have to get them done - but the studio calls you. Screams at you. So you go. You go to the studio on the pretenses that your only going to spend an hour or two. That's it. Just an hour or two , and then, then you'll go on about with the everyday chores and the to-do list. Promise. You look at your clock. ready. set. go. You bring out the paints and the clay and the wire. And you start. And then someone calls, or knocks~ breaks the "zone" in some way. And you say... What the.... I've been working for like 20 minutes~ I said I'd be back in an hour or two. And they give you THE LOOK. You know the look. It's the wooooooo. is she completely out of her mind? look. Because in actuality. In the reality of it all, the "all" outside the studio that is - hours have passed. 5 to be exact. FIVE HOURS. GONE. not lost. just.....missing. And so, my friends.... that is where I have been. Lost in the time warp, again! and then a step to the right..... I put my hands on my hips, and pulled my knees in tiiiiiight....... ehem. sorry.

<----- Gotta love it

Back to reality.

I have added more items to the Etsy shop. There are more to be added however, it really is a slow go. I guess if I actually sat down at the computer for a few hours - i could get it all done - but between the carpal tunnel, the arthritis and SHEAR BOREDOM - I just can't do it. I've tried. really. I used to work on computers, fix them, keep up on all the latest software, hardware, etc. But then. I'm not sure - I just have no patience. Maybe that was about the same time that I became acquainted with the best IT guy and **poof** no more patience for computers. If it is going to take more than fifteen minutes - it becomes a two or three part session. If I were being honest with myself - I would actually admit it is because..


She is such a tease! She is waiting for her hands to be completed and is stubbornly withholding her name until she gets them!

And then there is Thorton.... but he's another WHOLE story... with picturey in progress photo goodness. But - I think I will wait until tomorrow to introduce you to him.




Let's do the time warp again!!!

Girl no worries about us in bloglandia...get back in the groove...getyour mojo...and create .. you are so amazing!!

ommm 70 inches...whew!!! That's a whole different atmosphere for me...hehe***

Let's do the time warp again...it's just a jump to the left....

Gail Lackey said...

OOHHH Prang! Youv'e just been bopped by Miss Pennythistle's "seal of Dastardly delight" an award for your amazing time warping theory and ability to go there and get back again! Bravo!
You are back arn't you?? Well when you get back...
You can collect your award on my blog to delightfully display on your blog if you wish!
Haunted hugs, Gail and the notorius Miss"P"!