I'm not sure where he came from, but then, I'm never sure where they come from. This guy, however, is different, in many ways. He's HUGE! without feet, he is over 28"- and his name is Thorton. That is only unusual for me. Normally, when these creatures start taking shape, they never reveal their names until almost completion. Thorton, however, started announcing himself before his mouth was even dry!

I promised in progress pictures - which as you know is something I never do - Once inside that "zone" things tend to happen quickly - and seldom is there a thought to - oh - I'd better stop and take a picture. But as I have said, Thorton is different. He is teaching me something. I'm not sure what path he will take me on, but we will see.

wondering where his pants are.... for that matter- where are his feet?

So, we will have to see where the weekend goes, and what is in store for Thorton~ or should I say, what is in store for me... hee hee



Oh I love his face....umm..but that one picture with "someone" hanging in the so crazy!!! hehe. I'd love to peep in your brain.
Keep sharing those photos..these are looking fab.

Daydreamer :) said...

Stop by my blog to receive your "Major French Award".

Heather :)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Thorton is NAKED! YIKKKKEEEESSSS... wait until Naughty Nelly sees him! LOL