Contemplations of Chance or Is It Friday yet???

Working in the studio is very cathartic. (yeah I know. I am preaching to the choir!) We all know this. But sometimes I just have to sit back and reflect on exactly how cathartic it is. Whether it is writing or painting, sculpting or beading - we all have our outlets in order to preserve our sanity. Sometimes, it just is quite deeper than that. Studio time is a place. It is a person. A friend. It is a living, thriving being all of its own. It listens to the anguish and breeds clarity on the other side. It helps clear the cobwebs and sort through the general day to day b.s. that we are all forced to deal with. It lets us deal with and struggle through, changes in our lives. It laughs and shares joy with us. And it does not mock us when it finds us dancing and singing at the top of our lungs to Momma Mia! (not that I would know anything about that first hand. eh hem) And it helps us heal. For those of you close to me - you know I have been locked in my studio for about a week now - not really speaking, blogging or otherwise. There was a very sudden death in my world. That makes two since the beginning of the year. And being of the old ways - I am wondering who number three will be. And, knowing that it is a circle -to end where we began - I am OK with it - yet, it makes me wonder. What am I not doing, that I want to do. What chances am I not taking? What choices am I not making? Oh - there are a lot of unanswered questions I am contemplating at this moment. Hard what-the-hell-are-you-waiting-for decision making going on here! LOL

And as a result things have morphed a bit. It has helped me get ready for the multiple shop updates - which seem to be headed on schedule - which for me - big shocker! So - for a peek at what has come to life this week: My great-Aunt gave me her sewing machine when I was visiting - HELLO! I love this thing - it weighs around -oh -40 lbs maybe - good ol black cast Singer - lovely as can be - and still sews like a dream - And all these heads keep appearing here and there- you never know when one will show up. Aggie Mae, the goblin girl - just had to have a new dress - she was so upset about her old one - so- first thing- we sat down and made her a new polka dot dress on our "new" machine - She is quite the giggling goblin now! Now all she needs is a new home - as she is up for sale at the Giggling Goblin at Etsy!

Melancholy inspired series of the Poppets of Persecution - are in the works - You know - valentine's day isn't roses and champagne hearts for all of us! And then there is Thorton - He wanted me to mention that you will note the new gallery to the left - of the most honorable blog awards I have received in my absence. (And I must thank Michelle and Cinnibon for the last few recvd' - Really - Thank you girls! You are the sweetest! )

I am off to start on the Vintage Finds to post on Etsy - They are fabulous beads and notions, necklaces and well - just cool stuff to use as embellishments or alter - there are about 100 pieces - so Check my ETSY shop starting this weekend - I will be posting them for sale - Moving onward with the STUDIO CLEAN OUT! - it is good to downsize! Less is MORE!!!
Have a Grand Week! and let's hope for a snow day!!!!

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