General Announcements and Revelations

As you all know, I have been away on Holiday. Every one needs to get away once in a while and I was overdue. It was my first holiday (that lasted more than three days) in over four years! It was a wonderful time spent with my family and friends. I spent lazy hours walking beaches and reading on a hammock tied to palm trees. My son and I snuck out down to the beach at night to chase sand crabs and stare at the endless star filled sky. There is something to be said for warm sands, hot sun and light clothing, even for a Blue Ridge Mountains girl like me. I love my mountains. I love my trees and the cool mountain evenings. and I love the snow. Crisp winter evenings, when the moonlight makes the whole world sparkle.... I was not prepared, however, for what waited for me when we returned from our little adventure south of the border.......

It was shocking to say the least. It was as if all of my senses had frozen once I hit the North Carolina border and it was all down hill from there! Now this isn't actually what my little home in the woods looked like... but it was close, and it certainly felt like it! One morning I woke up and it was 73 degrees and by time I went to bed that night it was 12 degrees and falling!! the good news is, that over the past week or so, the only thing that actually froze was the washing machine, that and the studio.... but that is another story. Oh, how I miss being WARM!! That being said (or screamed as the case may be) Being away gives one a chance to think about things. Where your going, what your doing and where you want to be. And all the things you want to do. Stepping back definitely gives your creative senses a boost!

I have a lot of things going.. a lot of irons in the fire as they say! I have been busy thawing the studio, working on my new series of dolls and networking for a few new projects. I don't want to jinx anything at this point - but I will definitely let everyone know when it comes to fruition. (notice I said WHEN.. the power of positive thinking!!)

There are a few new additions to my blog here... I have created a ZAZZLE shop. You can see the preview below, it will take you right to it or you can visit me directly at . I am determined to keep my product prices as LOW as possible there. It is such an amazing place and so much fun to design and see your artwork on stuff - that I want anyone that sees something they like to be able to afford it. As a side note ~ I am in the process of working on a new computer here - a splurge for the new year... so I have to transfer over a lot of the photos I had taken of my work. Once that is done, I anticipate a Zazzle update . Hopefully within the next week.

Also, I have added an Artfire shop. ArtFire is the up and coming Artist community shopping experience. They offer many exciting things to artists - they are ranked against Etsy - and YET because they are FOR THE ARTIST they allow you to link directly over to your Etsy shop.
What inspired me to join was that they offer what is called Global Green which is your chance as an artisan to change the world for the better by making a positive impact. I encourage everyone to at least check it out. There is a link directly under the ArtFire button on the right of my blog. And if you decide to join - Please tell them Angel Wings and Whisperings (all one word for account purposes) sent you! (yes - I get a count for everyone i refer over. blatant plug on my behalf, eh...)
You can visit my shop at ArtFire by either clicking the link to the left - or simply going to : Again- since I know that it is unfair to post the same objects for sale in multiple places, I am anticipating an update at Artfire shortly. I am aiming at the beginning of February. So there will be all new items posted there. Please take time to stop by and check them out. It really is a fabulous place. I will mention, that they are still in the creation stage themselves, so you must have patience while they finish working out the kinks in their programing. They are on the ball though, and have constant contact with you- and should you have any problems, a tech is on site, 24 hours to resolve your issue lickity split!
Speaking of the studio.... I am in the process of down-sizing as it were... tons of treasures, found objects, vintage beads and notions..... they are all going up for sale on my ETSY shop shortly. I have found that I am being selfish, keeping things in the hopes that I might use them someday - knowing that I won't. I am trying to remain focused on certain things, and well - it's time to open the doors of the studio and share the treasures... So keep a look out for not only an ETSy update but also a STUDIO UNLOAD sale at Etsy....

Well, I guess that is all for now - kind of back up to speed as it were.... Off to do some sewing (grumble, grumble grumble) and more clay work (yeah!) Please let me know how you all have been fairing this last month, what your up to and how your holidays have been.....

Here's looking forward to Spring!!



Art Fire said...

I just wanted to welcome you to ArtFire. Thanks for adding your creative voice to our community.


Stepping off the edge said...

see & they are really outgoing and friendly too!! (how did they find this post that fast??) LOL :o)


Hey hey girlie!!!
I'm glad you're and sound. I was here yesterday, but I wasn't able to post, my computer is about to kick the bucket, yet I need it to last a few more months $$.

Thanks for the support- about the Saint.. I'm such a cat lover, that's my hubs dog, but she is just so loving, whats not to love right?
She's a tiny tot, about 120, and already 9 years old. I can't belive she's our!!! Mine for the next 3 month..anyway.

You'll have to post more pcis from yo ur trip.

hey about your new shops. I'm happy for you, I hope to one day have pieces of all my blog buddie's art...that would a cool goal right!!! You've got some fabulous items. I hope you have having a wonderful new year

Daydreamer :) said...

Wow, you really are motivated :) I love your positive attitude! I can't wait to see all of your new creations. Kick the sewing machine a couple of times for me ;D You've inspired me to go dust of my Zazzle account and see what I can put in there. I seem to recall liking CafePress better, but maybe they've changed their graphics program since those days.
Best of luck to you,
H :)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Great Post Trace. I like your Zazzle shop too! I'm glad you made it over to Artfire. They are wonderful and extremely helpful! You should sign up for Pluggers United "Block Radio" they do a lot of plugging for Artfire! Can't wait to see your new treasurers! Be well and hope to see you soon!

Gail Lackey said...

OH Man!! What an Ice castle you live in!! LOL! I was enjoying photos of the warm sandy beach, thinking of Marilyn Radzats place in hawaii and digging my toes in the sand, and then whapp! The ice queen photos! Amazing though you had no more damage done!
Stay warm and cozy!
haunted hugs, Gail

Misty's Creations said...

Wow, you're right. Can't ask for a better reaction to your art than that. Your blog is visually beautiful. I haven't had time to read much of it yet, but I love your style. I'm still new at blogging. Thanks for stopping by... tell your son I'm honored he likes my work!

Jill said...

We missed you!

Stepping off the edge said...

Well, I sure am glad to be back (brrr)! I haven't had a decent cup of coffe in a month Jill! You get the gallon containers yet? lol - and I am wishing that Marilyn had a snow bird camp at her place! I could do Hawaii!!!
Hang in there Cinni~ hopefully the 3 months will go fast! (kinda like the last year! ha ha)
Off to the tundra a/k/a studio! I am now the proud owner of a 2lb gesso popsicle! grrr. any ideas?!

Misty's Creations said...

Good morning, thanks for checking out my silly dragon progress. In answer to your question, my armature is a poly-foam structure from the taxidermist. A whitetail deer to be exact. I cover the form with DAS air-dry clay and work my detail up from there. Anything thing that has to stick out usually has a core of twisted, heavy duty, aluminium foil. Then covered in clay Sometimes I will wind armature wire around the foil and drill a hole in the sculpture, insert the end of the wire and squish it on the sculpture. I learned the hard way, mistakes and breakage, sometimes failure in a project is priceless information for the future good! I live in Tucson...the picture of your frozen, it made me sneeze! Stay warm!


Frozen frozen..that pictures still makes me shiver!!

You are tagged..come check it out.

shalay said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I can't believe how cold it is where you live, I hope you get through it and live to see another warm day! Lovely blog!