All Hail....

All Hail: Pinky and the Brain!!
Narf. **snort**

All Hail: Those in your life that spark your creativity,

make you laugh,

urge you to dance

and encourage you to fly!

Thanks guys!



di from di-did-it said...

ROFLMAO! Which is which?

Seriously, I wholeheartedly agree!

di from di-did-it said...

Duh ~ ignore my previous question ~ I obviously didn't look at the drawing well enough... laughing too hard I guess.... :)

Daydreamer :) said...

Awh, thanks, Trace! You're one of those people too you know?!
Pinky :P

di from di-did-it said...

PS ~ I'm diggin' your new header & layout!

Daydreamer :) said...

Yeah, me too! I LOVE it! The gate and the Tudor-style home in the background makes me feel like I'm in a fairy tale ;) Plus I have a thing for gates. Like keys/keyholes they contain stuff to spark your imagination.
Pinky :P

Stepping off the edge said...

Thanks guys! The gate thing is my fav too!
Hey.. maybe, just maybe.. we could take over the world!!! ROFL


Carrie said...

Thanks Tracey

The Brain
Ruler of all except Pinky