Welcome and Happy 14th~

Greetings and Salutations!

Come on in, have a look around~ and welcome to The Wadsworth~Noll Studio!

We hope that you are enjoying your travels with the blog party! A great big Woo HOO for our hostess!

I will just give you a bit of a background, and then shoosh you out with a hug and best wishes~ and hope to see you again! Please feel free to browse in the gallery or pop on over to The Giggling Goblin at Etsy - I will be updating that shop shortly. Sooner, if the temperature stays above freezing!
I am a mixed media artist with a concentration on my Poppets of Persecution. I have been working with mosaic, acrylic, and re-purposed sculpture for over 20 years, and have been working with clay for the last 10 of those 20. Wadsworth~Noll Studio was created as a dedication to the great women that have gone before me~ Those that have influenced my life, my decisions and are the constant voices in my head :0)

My grandmothers and great aunts: two paternal- two maternal - "Wadsworth" and "Noll". One great aunt is currently still with us, creating and painting in sunny FL at the wonderful age of 92. What a blessed woman!
Don't get m
e wrong~ the men in my life (meaning my father and grandfathers) have had an incredible influence on me as well just in a different way. They have given me the tenacity and courage to stand on my own. Honor and integrity; an infallible support system, and gardening skills!

I love Valentine's Day because the Gerbera Daisies make their appearance! A brilliant display brought to us, usually from our neighbors to the north (these particular Gerberas were grown in Canada!) Yet, unlike the crocus and grape hyacinths - I don't have to wait until the ground thaws for the prospect of Spring. I LOVE Gerberas!! From February thru November~ I can get these babies to bloom and re-bloom. A perpetual inspiration and reminder of what a simple dabble of color can do- how it can just make your whole day POP!

Now- normally- I am not one for cutsie~cuties little bunnies and such~ However, during a recent road trip across the country, I happened to have had a very substantial birthday and to celebrate this very substantial birthday, we happened upon a Cracker Barrel for a very early breakfast. On our way out, this little guy caught my eye - and it was love at first sight...

I'm not sure what attracts me to this little guy - but I just could not imagine not finishing up the travels without him peering through the back window, teasing the passer-bys . I think maybe it was a moment-hare'y (sorry - could not resist) serendipitous situations when we had both fallen down the same rabbit hole; or perhaps I had fallen down and he was clambering to get out..

Either way he has come into the realms of Wadsworth~Noll and has settled in just beautifully, even if I do hear him muttering now and again about the cold weather!

Long day here at the studio~ Last night, though I had several other things to finish (A Wicked challenge for starters~ my bad - sorry guys!) these little guys just kept popping to the surface- wanting to be seen, waiting to be heard - so not there are more U.F.O.'s to work on - and a time slip that is not expanding!

So, in and out on this glorious, yet very brisk, chilly day . Warm your hands by the fire.
Grab a glass of wine, and enjoy your travels!
Best wishes and warmest regards to you all.

Happy travels - and Happy Valentine's Day!

May your day be filled with joyous bits of delight and wonder!


Sarah Whitmire said...

Happy Valentines day! Diggin' your artwork. :)



di from di-did-it said...

You already know I love your blog and am fascinated by your art! The bunny is great ~ somehow reminds me of our dog. I love gerberas too! DH gave me a gorgeous golden yellow one just last week.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aimeslee said...

hi, tracey! thanks for partying at my blog. i enjoyed peeking into the window of your artful life. thanks for the write-up, it was appreciated. have a love-ly evening.


Shell said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I loved how you named your studio after your grandmothers and aunts. I love the smiling goblin in the first picture.

Thauna said...

Happy Valenine's Day! I LOVE gerbera daisys too...they are my favorite! Maybe I should go buy me some. :o)

Love your blog, so many wonderful things to look at (and read)!

Megan Warren said...

Happy Valentines Day - I love the heart with the Goethe quote!

Judy H in NC said...

I love gerbers, but they are definitely inside, one-shot plants here. Gets too hot for them. Love your postings. They are great. I can't wait to see what the heads say.

Lisa said...

I like that bunny, too, as well as pretty much every single thing I see on your blog. lol


Hey girlie!!!
I love the insight into.."you".. thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!

Happy V day my friend..

Mrs. Stinky said...

Sorry it took me so long to get to back to you, Trace (you are at the bottom of the list -LOL). Thanks for stopping by too.
Cool post! I used to collect bunnies - hee hee. Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day. I'm sure you did since your son made your day.
Heather :)

Btw, I thought I was already following your blog. What happened? Please don't tell me if it's another turning 40 issue. I'll just forget anyway.

Carrie said...

thanks for coming by my blog ...cute doggy

UPON A HILL said...

Thanks for stopping my blog & leaving a comment. I am a little late, being busy on V-Day. I enjoyed a tour of yours. You are very talented & creative.

Be blessed,

Lady North said...

O gosh..you want to 'follow' me? Are you sure? I get lost easily.
Anyhow..thank you for dropping by at my first ever blog party...apologies I admit to being a slow turtle (hands hurt from typing after a while and I can only do so much..darn) as I unfold and comment on the wondrous and creative Valentine Partylist - but just wanted to let you know I was here and enjoyed your blog very much! Thank you for sharing - Happy World Friendship Week! Blessings LN