Wips, Whims and Wondering When it Will be Warm

Beautiful isn't it! Blue sky, snow gently perched atop pine trees. A veritable winter wonderland. Invokes thoughts of horse drawn sleigh rides, gliding down the ski slopes, making snow angels and warming before an open fire with hot cups of cocoa. Hmm. Nice vision... warm thoughts. good vision.. Now let me show you what it looks like close up.....

Still beautiful. Still serene. Still a wonderland. The problem is is very simple....

I HAVE HAD Enough! It is freakin' cold! And it has been cold for long enough. I have been unable to step into the studio for over a week because the temperature in the studio is one degree from hell freezing over! LOL. I have been forced to move all of the "freezables" into the house. Now, under normal situations that may not be to bad. But I have a LOT of stuff that freezes! paints and additives, various clays and chemicals that just don't like the cold! And I live in the perfect little stone cottage under the tall trees. Really. I mean.... really little! If you read my deed, you would laugh! It states that my cottage is 600 square feet. Which, is the perfect home. Just NOT filled with a studio! The walls are closing in and to make matters worse, the seed catalogs have started to arrive! OMG! Torture! Dreams of little buds popping out of the ground; vibrant, fragrant flowers enveloping the senses at every turn. Digging in the garden, the warm earth in your hands....... And then you actually look outside! I know they do it on purpose - to torture us!!! Seed Catalogs. By the dozen. Arriving at my door. Intended to give hope of a Spring soon to bloom. :::sigh::::

A bite verbose today. Can you tell?! LOL!! Oh, all right. I will just say that I have started posting the vintage items in the Studio Clean Out Sale over at Etsy. Which winds up being a positive side of not being able to spend countless hours in the studio... Lots of time to catalog and photograph. So, go check it out. Only a drop in the ocean of items are listed now - but more are on the way. So check back often. In the mean time, here are the promised updated photos of the Wip(s) in the works::

A few more steps and tweeks and "Melancholy" series is on its way! Although with this pose~ this one looks like she is ready to cast a spell!

Melancholy Molly Pettigrove

With everything in the house, it is very easy to get paranoid~ like there is always someone watching you...

The wise one. The elder Goblin. Also known as... Hey Grandpa- your still nekked!! Get your shirt on! ( I think cabin fever has set in - Its not that I am talking to these little creatures- I do that all the time- its that I think they are answering me back!

According to the weatherman ( I JUST checked this!) - it is supposed to be above 30 degrees this weekend - which is... WOW... There may be hope for a studio thaw by Sunday! Turn off that cell phone and LOCK the door!!!

Yeee HAAW!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And wherever you are:::: Stay warm!!!

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