WIPS for the Weekend

Catching up on dressing a few wips this weekend. I guess they were just tired of being naked :o) In a drying phase now- so its a good time to call it a night. Have a great weekend everyone!


Lorraine said...

love your clay figures..I have been making coil pots with my sons today..hope the heating is back on and no more pipes have broken


Hey hey girlie!!!! I know I've been off the blogging wagon- but here I am!!
I've missed chatting it up with you!!
I see things are going well for you- I love all that you've been creating, the clay figures..wooow..But i totally love the painting of the trees!!! Rock on girl.
As for the cold and snow- I wish it would disappear too. I hate it-really I think it brings me down, but it's bound to disappear real soon- we can hope anyway!!!

Well hang in there and happy creating in yor warm studio!!!!\Have a fabulous week girl

Sonia ;) said...

So expressive...Love them..


Sonia ;)