1000 Beautiful Things

Tia: 1000 Beautiful Things. I hope she is including herself in that 1000.

Words can not give justice to this photographer's work. I found this picture on Creative Souls as her id picture. It was 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch. It took about 2 and a half seconds for me to realise that I had to have this piece. When you run across a photographer that is able to capture the essence of the subject's soul, it is a truly beautiful thing.

The photograph that I received was more beautiful and amazing than was depicted in the original advertisement on her Etsy shop. She uses this metallic paper that produces an effect that is reminiscent of the Ambrotype Wet Collodion photography of old, only with a modern twist of warm, deep colors, depth and detail.

I am working on matting and framing my new treasure and will have a photo of the actual piece soon. In the meantime, please take a moment and meander through her gallery, stop by her blog and say hello, and don't bother to try to stop yourself from purchasing one of her prints from her Etsy shop - It is one of those moments you will thank yourself for every time you pass by it, hanging in your sacred space.


1000beautifulthings said...

Wow! I am sooo blushing right now. Thank you for your sweet words about my work. I am so excited that you love this piece. Please let me know when you get it all framed and matted. I would love to see it. It is my absolute pleasure to make sure my work provides you with a smile.


Selchie said...

You're right this is really beautiful, happy Easter.)




Whew...I'm lost in your blog. I go AWOL..and you change the place just to confuse me!! LOL

Girl I haven't forgotten about you...I've just been a real bum. Once again NO excuses, just not "feeling" anything. I'm just existing...but not in a bad way...in the slow life down, let me enjoy the silence way!!!

Miss you humor and talents...and at 190+ invites you are so NOT a hermit!!!

You..one super crazy fool!!!!


Happy Easter!!

Stepping off the edge said...

Tia- you deserve every word- Thank you!
Selchie- So glad you stopped by! ( I got lost under the Lemon Tree Last night! beautiful writing!

Cinni! - what can I say- I reformatted the blog and your link went ::poof:: - thanks for poppin in above the radar!- Silence is always a great place to be- I take many trips there myself- Enjoy your time (howdya like that last comment- eh? didn't know i was bi-lingual, did ya! LOL)

HAve a great week everyone! a beautiful weekend - and enjoy all the holidays!!