Recommendation, Realization and Pure Joy

Do you just love her - or what!
I saw a piece very similar to this a while ago - not Duda - a copycat- -it did NOT work. and I forgot about it. Until I met Diane - and I saw her work. and I fell in love with "these silly little works of art". And that is when it hit me. The sad piece that I had seen so long ago, as an attempted copy of this piece - did nothing for me. At the time I did not know that Duda Daze even existed, that the piece I was looking at was not an original idea - and still - no effect. There was no life - it was as thought the piece itself knew that it was nothing but a sad attempt at trying on someones soul that was just too big for the copier to fill.
Fast forward to about a month ago - when I discovered Duda Daze and the wonder that is Diane Duda- I was blog- hopping, blurry eyed, ready to give it up - and this delightful creature popped up on my screen:
Now for those of you who haven't figured this out- it's not that i don't appreciate the artists and artistry - but this is not the norm for me to go gaga over. I don't do cute and silly. I don't collect cute and silly. I don't "do" whimsy. So... startled by my own reaction - I delved further, and went to shop on Etsy... and I am now excited to say that I am the proud owner of the three Diane Duda works pictured here. The first, just screamed me... I am always standing on my head, sitting on the couch upside down, hanging upside down in a tree - just cause I like the look of things from that view!

Woo Hoo! what can I say, but... Woo Hoo!!!! One of my favorite sayings of all time! the ultimate exclamation of excitement. And who doesn't like being excited?

And the third. If more people in this world just learned to listen to that little girl and followed their hearts.. well. things would be different.

So I learned two very important things the day that I "discovered" Diane Duda and her amazing Duda Daze.

1: People can try to copy others work, and will try to copy others work, until the cows come home. But they can't copy the heart that is put into that original work, what draws you to the work to begin with. You can't copy that. And without that - the piece is meaningless and worthless. And it shows in the copied work. There's no heart- nothing special - it's just another copy.

2: I can do silly. I LOVE silly. I love this crazy woman and her "silly little works of art" (how humble is that!)

Diane Duda creates something special with every stroke of her paintbrush, and every sketch of her pencil. She has managed to capture the essence of pure joy and convey it to the rest of us.

And I for one, am hooked on her work.

Visit. Enjoy. It may take you a few seconds to realise what that thing is on your face. it's a smile, a grin - and it will last you all day.

And while you are there - make sure you get the music stream on "There she stands" by Aaron Duda. Yup -You guessed it. Diane's son. Aaron. What a talented family!

**All photos of Artwork have been reproduced in this posting with permission from the artist, Diane Duda. Any artwork contained in this posting may not be reproduced in any manner, from this site, without additional written permission by the artist directly.**


Justin said...
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Daydreamer :) said...

What a great post! I love your new purchases. FUN definitely emanates from them.

I'd love to find one similar to the "woo hoo" picture for a friend that got me saying that during our college years.

Btw, I think I'm wearing off on you lol. I almost fainted when you said you liked my shop banner the other day. I think I'll enlist you as a whimsicality warrior yet rofl.

H :)
P.S. Sorry I posted while working on son's blog earlier.

Diane Duda said...

Holy MOly! I don't think anyone has ever said such nice things about me. You almost made me cry. :)
Thanks so much for writing these lovely words. I am truly touched.