It is just temporary

Ok - April Fools - I saved my blogger template to a different computer! AH HA! - so - As a result- everything that i am used to seeing - has gone for a walk for the moment. Perhaps, maybe to visit with you and have a cup of tea?

If you see any of my wayward widgets - could you send them home? they are horribly missed.

Actually, I have finally given in to the fact that I just can't do everything - Well - let me clarify that - I could do everything - it's just that there is not enough time to do everything! LOL - no need to cut myself short here! So as a result I have farmed out the templates, webpage and all of the glorious html coding to a brilliant professional- so that it gets done sometime in the next millennium - As a result - since I already have the design in my head as to what it is going to look like - there is nothing out there that i feel comfortable in - and as a result - (like ya' have not noticed) I keep changing the background every time I sign in - cause - it just doesn't feel like home. (pouting)

Oh well - things could be worse!

I know that time is limited and I have three posts to catch up on (fellow artists to gush over and items to post)- but life seems to throw you for a loop now and again - reminding you to slow down- so instead- this weekend I will be attending a funeral.

I have no regrets. No "wish I should have could have". But as it happens, when things like this happen- it makes you take a step back, take account, and make an extra effort.

See you next week.

wake with a smile

listen to the space between your heart beats

and love each other well

And if you need something to giggle over - check out the size of those bunny feet!


Sonia ;) said...

That BUNNY is awesome and seemingly UNnatural is that... You know sometimes...poop happens..I like the background though...Ha Ha...Have a great week..


Sonia ;)

di from di-did-it said...

Is that for real? That big bunny could get stuck in a rabbit hole.... Amazing. Intriguing. I just want to snuggle with it.

If delegating your webpage, etc. gives you more time to create art, I'm all for it!

Rock on,

di from di-did-it said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Take care.


Stepping off the edge said...

hey Di & Sonia! thanks for stopping by and the well wishes. Believe it or not that bunny is real- it a German bunny! and though somewhat alarming (I wouldn't want it to step on me!)lol- I have the urge to just snuggle it! (I'm going to hug him and pet him and name him George)
hee hee~
Have a great weekend!

Lorraine said...

I think that bunny ate everyones easter eggs!!