Open House- Door Prizes and Mischief!

Mischief Alert-

A reminder that the MMMM is hosting an open house blog party!

Not only will there be an opportunity to meet and greet a group of wonderfully mischievous mixed-media artists- but there will be an opportunity to receive fabulous door prizes... including the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Hatter!

Crazy as a loon- keeping with the old saying- Smile, it will keep people wondering what you are up to! Well, he's got a grin on him- I wouldn't trust him for a second!

In fact- I hear that there was a recent scuffle- between the Hatter and the White Rabbit- Seems the Hatter tried to run off without his spectacles- bumping into trees, tripping over rocks- nearly squashed DorMouse and there are rumors that he is being investigated for knocking Alice back down the hole (No one is buying his story that she tripped!). White Rabbit had to tackle him under the table to get those spectacles back on- What a commotion! There were tea cups and cake flying everywhere!

So, Don't forget. Write it down. Set the alarms. Be there!


Mischief Makers said...

OMG, what an ordeal! At least YOU believe me... I told the Mad Hatter I was pushed, but not believing me, SHE ;) just accused me of being a silly conspiracy theorist.

Someone is going to love winning Hatter! :D

Alice :)
I WAS pushed!

Stepping off the edge said...

Conspiracy! HA! I just got Bopped! There's no Bopping without a reason! She MUST be feeling guilty about something! I think I'm going to have to go into Protective Custody before this is over!

>:o) W.R.

Sonia ;) said...

Ok, I am missing my glasses....and I believe yall are in cahoots with each other. Now stop ganging on my White Wabbit...he cant see a dang thing....I think he kissed a Donkey thinking it was the Queen. Oh my off with their heads.

Smmiles...cough and sniff,

Sonia ;)

Melissa Haren said...

If I leave the group and change my name and come back as someone else, maybe I could win one of these prizes!!!!! Awww, I wouldn't do that, but I can dream!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Fabulous MadHatter!!!!

Mischief Makers said...

I stopped by to kiss Hatter goodbye, since he'll be leaving us soon :(

I hope you like your new land!
hUgs & kiSSeS,
Alice :) said...

you gals are having way to much fun at this tea party....
so glad I popped in to join..
we love all your hard work..
mona & the girls
have an awesome weekend

Sonia ;) said...

I won I won.........Ha Ha Trace Mad Hatter is coming to Texas...WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I WON I WON....I WAS DYING..when I saw the prize I won was from you.....Kizmit or hoopla.....wahhahahaha

Sonia ;)