Seriously. Does This NOT happen to anyone else?

I am ... working along, minding my own business. Stereo is cranking, the Muse is sitting happily on my shoulder munching on a mixture of cherrios and sour patch kids (don't ask- I've tried to get her to stop) The world has completely disappeared- and BAM! I don't even have room to put down a paintbrush!
Sooooooooooo. Three guesses as to what I will be doing the rest of today?

P.S. thank you to the wonderful, daring, dangerous and emotionally unstable Heather for the tag. I reserve playing until I find out what exactly the bribe is going to be.... Naa.


Sonia ;) said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA...Karma..making that fuss over thanking me for not tagging your butt this time and it bit ya in the patooty anyway....HaHaHaHa......You Social Butterfly you.....Come out of the social closet and rejoice...raise your hands in the air and wave them like you just dont care.....shake your booty to and fro (_/_)~~~(_\_)~~~(_/_)... and get into the spirit...

HaHaHa girlie...Muwahhhh ha ha ha ha

Wuv ya crazy..
Sonia ;)

Barbara/myth maker said...

That happens to me constantly! But isn't there something so beautiful about a workspace all filled up with your stuff? I guess you gotta clear it sooner or later, so you can start all over again. :)

Diane Duda said...

mmmmmmm? move to the kitchen table?


Ahhhhhhhhhhh...sweet a tag challenge?! ....Come on girl...get that wit rolling and get us some I even know what the tag is about!! But any news on you is good news!!!

Hey so I hope you had a wonderful weekend...and have started a an even better week.....sad to day... you know that mess happens to everyone, buty I'm really more interested in the cheerios and sour patch kids combo...mmm...I know we all have our vices!!! LOL

I miss you sweet girl! Stay cool but don't stay tag--less.

Mischief Makers said...

First off, yes this happens to me. I was wondering how you got a photo of my studio table until I realized it wasn't my stuff on it.
Secondly, I don't think creative people can avoid art explosions. It's out destiny to clean up after the dust settles, which is when you get more ideas. Thus creating more explosions. Yes, it's a vicious cycle we must live with... I know.
Thirdly, Carrie is the unstable one ROFLMBO...
and it's a surprise, but I'll give you a hint... you wanted to buy it from me a few months ago :D
Hee hee,
H :)

Stepping off the edge said...

geepers, H- thats not a very good hint! I wanted to buy ALL of your stuff a few months ago (infintry assigned to H's etsy shop)grrrrrrrr.

You are right about the explosion though- But Diane- I am loving your idea of movin to the K table- blew the coffee on the monitor over that one!

Butm Barbara... I don't wanna! can't i just do Diane;s idea, and move tables? I think I have one left around here somewhere....

Toodles all!! muuah!

Oh - Sonia.... do you know who Jethro Gibbs is?....::slap:: WHAT would I do without you! lol

Cinni- I miss you! i got all hung up with stuff (damn life crap) we have to catch up soon!

Sonia ;) said...

jETHRO WHO SLAPPED HIM? you know i love ya and just want ya to come and play.....
Sonia ;)

Sonia ;) said...

OK Miss Tracey carry your hiney over to my site AND SEE A SURPRISE..MUUUUWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH'


Selchie said...

Ha yes, but usually to my house, then when its all over I spend an age cleaning... and off again. Thank you for your lovely words.)) I'm so happy to meet you.

lovely weekend Sarah)

Sarah said...

Just visiting via Sonia's. Yes that does happen to me! And I see one of your commenters said move to the kitchen table but I did and now that is covered!
I love the photos of your creative mess anyway! I like the way your blog is arranged, very clever!

Anonymous said...

that only happens to me almost daily. i would so love to trade studios with you for a day to see what you could create from here. i know i would have mucho fun there!


Sonia ;) said...

Oh Miss Tracey...come out come out where ever you are...Your pkg is being picked up today by the mailman......2-3 day mail....from one crazy bird to another muwahahaha....Ok you need to post or email me once in a blue moon to say ur alive...GAWD...

Sonia ;)

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