Treasures, Blessings and Crazy Bird Love

I came home from work on Friday, just being happy that it was Friday. Small blessing for those with 9 to 5'ers. Happy to turn down the drive, to be welcomed by the tall trees and the mountain greening all around. I took a deep breath as I got out of the car, thinking how blessed I really was. I turned down the walk and stopped with a gasp. The peonies I have been waiting to bloom had burst open in my absence! And this is what was displayed before me! Finally, after weeks of waiting, anticipating and worrying whether the blooms would last the rains- there they were in all of their glory- and I thought to my self- this day can get no better than this. Boy was I wrong!

I walked into the house with the usual "I'm home!" -for anyone that may have been in earshot. Delighted further that my son was home from school/work (and in a good mood- teenagers! lol) He yells from the top floor " Hey mom! You have a package!" A package? I don't remember ordering anything... I wonder what it is. Dropping my parcels on the table, I began my search. You see- my son thinks it is hysterical to hide my packages. He relates it back to my hiding his presents on various holidays, and finds it perfectly acceptable for him to hide anything that comes in the post for me. A treasure hunt, and who can get angry over a treasure hunt? I found the box, acrossed the room, behind the couch, under a pile of art mags. Not so tough. YEAH! It was from Sonia! Dear, crazy, super-friend Sonia! But it was such a big box! what on earth?
I couldn't believe my eyes!! are you ready? wanna see? Look! Look what that amazing woman sent me!

OMG! She is sooooo! cute! Look at that face! And those toes! With nail polish! I can't believe it!

And she is wearing .....

And vintage jewels!

Isn't she just AWESOME!
Check out those tailfeathers! This little girl has some serious attitude!

Oh- but that is not all!!
One of the things that Sonia and I share- is our demented love for..... rocks. yup. rocks. pick 'em up, put em in your pocket and carry them from state to state to state. The best of the best... heart rocks! They are everywhere, if you just look for them. Little reminders that love is everywhere, in all shapes and forms...Well. I don't have to look very much further! With that sweet crazy bird lady- came an altered box. Another one of my loves. Boxes. They always seem to hold something mysterious, something historical, or just something loved. WELL. Not only is this a very special wooden box, altered with delightful penny knobs and a heart rock (including lock and key)- on no. This is SONIA we are talking about.... it has to have that special touch, that extra, that little thing that makes it ones own.... ready> I'm gonna open the box now....

DUDE! It's PINK with Polka dots and Skulls!!!!

Filled with rose petals no less!
My three favorite things! All in one box!

WOW. Leaping lizards! I am one lucky girl! And I just thought that today was going to be just another Friday. A Friday that was a blessing just because it was that day.
And off I go in a tangent of what special treasures I will put in my heart rock box... maybe my collection of small heart rocks... who knows.. think think think... (what is that noise?)
It seems that in my excitement of my new gifts, I turned my back on the little girl- which - by the way- when she got out of the box, and fluffed her feathers- she announced in a rather loud voice that her name was Lulu Loli- "NOT as in Lolita but as in Lollipop!" can you imagine! Lulu Loli. - alrighty then! Lulu it shall be! but I digress.....

I turned my head, to see a blurrrrr flitting down the stairs.. It seems that I was not the only one to be excited about our new arrivals....

Peckerhead (as the gals at MMMM lovingly refer to him) heard the commotion and flew out of his room- He looks as though he has a crush! Though Lulu was not at all receptive of this new found attention at first.... A little put off as it were- I told Peckerhead to give her some room- to adjust to her new home - but he wouldn't have it!

It took her a while, but she eventually warmed up to him, (not that she had much of a choice- Peckerhead is seriously smitten!)

So I went on about my business of the night: dinner and some light house cleaning - preparing for the evening thunderstorms....

I went back to check on them several hours later...........I think there may be some nesting going on....

Hmmmm. a budding new romance at the Noll! Well - it's about time! HAHAHA!
Sonia- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have once again added smiles, blessings and inspiration to my world!
For those of you that have not yet become acquainted with the wonder that is Sonia- please visit the Dark Ravens Nest- and get to know this wonderful human being and fabulous artist! And make sure you stop by and visit her new Etsy Shop! You too can have one of her wonderful creations.... just not these... these are mine. mine - ALLL mine!!!!
Muuuuuwaaaaahaaa ahaaaaa haaaaaa!
I'll be back soon with more news and new creations and thanks for all of the amazing blogger awards I have received these past weeks....
Bright Blessings:


Barbara/myth maker said...

What a great story about your friday. Lulu and the box are just fantastic!

Daydreamer :) said...

OMG, your peony is beautimus! You lucky girl! I think you and Sonia are definitely kindred spirits. Have a great Sunday too! Hmmm... maybe you could create a labyrinth on your property with your heart-shaped rocks????
heart-shaped rock,

Sonia ;) said...


I wuved you and your story...Made me laughhhhh...Im so happy you liked your gifts. I found a new heart rock...and its kinda red. Peckerhead and LuLu will be making beautiful music together. How fun...we're in laws...LOL...We gottta have some Pink and funkiness in our lives....Like Cyndi Lauper'"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

(((((((((((((Hugs T)))))))))

S ;)

Stepping off the edge said...

Hi Barb! thanks for stopping by! It sure was a great day!

H! what a great idea!! a labyrinth! How cool would that be! i think that will be our first project when you come up for the grand opening!- we are getting closer every day! :o)

Sonia- you rock!! you know- the only differencce between inlaws and outlaws, right? outlaws are wanted! Ahh HAAA HAAA HAA!

Have a GREAT, blessed week ladies!

alteredbits said...

what a fabulous day and an utterly amazing gift! i want to be her friend too. :) seriously -- that is amazing and they are soooo perfect together!

i love heart rocks and boxes too, oddly enough. one day i told my husband (before he was my husband) that i always wanted to find a heart-shaped rock. i'd never found one before. not two days later and he found one for me. he has since found me FOUR! i've still never found one but i've bought him lots of cool looking ones for fun.

i hope your weekend was as beautiful as your friday! your flowers are gorgeous too, by the way!


Renee said...

Tracey the gifts from Sonia are crazy incredible.

Have you seen her screaming banshee. Amazing.

I love Sonia. Another question. Have you seen Sonia's daughter Sheeanna's work. I am a huge fan. She is an incredible artist like her Mom and grandfather.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Stepping off the edge said...

Alice- a match made in heaven right? lol- heart rocks and boxes are perfect aren't they? and I think it is perfect that your future hubster found you your first heart rock. That says ALOT! No wonder you married him! lol!!

Renee- I know- right! so much talent in one family! I am partial to Gigi.. that chick has a story to tell!

Have a Beautiful week ladies!

Sonia ;) said...

Oh Im loved, really loved..sniff nose running tears though...ewwww...leans over and wipes her nose on T's sleeve ...Ok couldnt resist...and Im an Outlaw then..blowing again on the arm sleeve. Ohhhhh T ya wuved me...


Valarie said...

Tracey! Great story as usual, have I told you how much I enjoy the way your mind works?? LOL! You are the magick girl! I think Lulu and Peckerhead look just ducky together...hahahahah- oh, i know...that was B-A-D!

Renee said...

Tracey I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

I apologize for not knowing what happened. If you want to share with me I will be here for you.

Take care sweetheart.

Love Renee xoxoxo

di from di-did-it said...

Yay ~ peonies! What a great pic ~ and can you write or what? Damn you're good! I'm tickled you had such a great day & have such a fantastic friend in Sonia.


Ummmm such a dreamy peonie! I love that flower.

Girl what can I say-- you totally deserved all that happiness and warmth on a lovely Friday afternoon. I'm so glad that people are sharing their warmth and spirit with you!!

Don't you just love bloglandia?

As for your teenager hiding things from you--hhhhaaaa I totally love his sense of humor--what goes arounds comes around-no? Great for him for making your evening more eventful and posing a treasure hunt before you. You and he are super special--I have no doubt!

Funny you should say Lulu--my cousins called me that as a child--grrrr--lol. But your new feather friend looks just alike a Lulu-- with such charm and primp-- all rolled in one! What a lovely gift.