All Right All Ready! I'm coming Sonia!! (out of my broom closet)

Some how or another- I missed an entire post by our dear, dear love her to death PAIN IN MY TUKAS- Sonia! I do not know how- but I did. I think I was distracted and intent on her post about her dad- that I didn't realize that she posted it twice! And well- enough with the excuses- I just missed it. SO. since she is just such a subtle woman (how many times are you going to out me about being a social introvert??? LOL) and left me hint after hint after hint (helllllllloooooo- If ya want me to see something ya need a flashlight with a laser pointer and couple of pink poodles pointing in that direction!) I decided to re-visit her blog - and not only did I find this SCREAM award - but also.. AHHH HAAA HAAA I won her give away!!!!! Seriously. What are the odds. I was having one of THOSE days, being my last in the corporate world- so. I went Internet surfing! And there was Sonia- SCREAMING at me from a far. Can anyone ignore this woman? I mean really? How FAB is she! Always there with a push, a kind word, a creative bounce, a hysterical, honest laugh- always reminding us to treat each other better- love more- create more and live fuller (that and a cattle prod cleverly disguised as a paintbrush, a blaring Pink CD and a smack on the head if ya' get out of line!) As such, I am going to make an attempt here. I didn't say I was going to abide by all of the rules, mind you - I said I was going to make an attempt. I owe her a total of fourteen "things about me" from this and previous awards she so graciously bestowed on me- So I am going to mix everything together. And so that no one gets too bored- I am going to mix in some photos of works in progress, my social "club" (non-human) in the studio and various other ditties. It should be noted first- that I bought a new camera this week - it is..... SO FREAKIN COOL- and yet will take me three years before i figure out all the damn buttons and what they do- so- your gonna have to suffer through a plethora of photographs for a while- cause i am taking pictures of EVERYTHING! muwah haa haa- ok- here goes:
(1.) I was born in Texas and have lived in Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (2.) I was put in ballet at the age of five to make me a girlie-girl (ya- how'd that work out for you mommy dearest) until it was very apparent I was going to be a TALL girl. (3.) I am 5 foot 11 inches tall. (4.) I have colored and shaved my hair so many times- I don't know what color the real color is. It has been: black, brown, red, purple, platinum (not a good look), raven (black/dark blue), auburn, blonde (again- not so good) and currently black/fuchsia. (5.) I have three tattoos. and am jones'ing for more. (6.) I am a complete history freak (7.) I love books. no, I mean I LOVE books- I have every book I have ever read, when I moved two years ago- I counted what I had then- 2,420. (8.) I ran "road-kill scavenge" for the local environmental agency when I was in college. (you guessed it- I picked through dead birds and animals for markings and tags- hmmm. yummy.) (9) In college, I majored in: Environmental Law, European History, American History (pre-industrial), Ornithology, Shakespearean English, Radio/TV pre- and post- production, Physics and Chemical Science. I minored in German and Art History. I love to learn new things. just call me freak. (10.) I think less fake-giggling and more honest laughter would do this world a great justice. (11.) I always obey the law but equally break the rules. (12.) I am dyslexic. It took me six months to figure out that the wall in the bathroom at Godfrey Daniels said " Dyslexics Untie" - I still think it is funny. (13.) I can ask directions, order a beer, find a hotel and ask where the bathroom is in seven languages and hold a conversation in four. (14.) I AM NOT anti-social. I enjoy observing people. Watching them get themselves in all kinds of trouble and awkward situations out of shear stupidity; enjoy themselves with shear delight and interact with one another as only humans can. There is a difference between anti-social and disengaged. I am "delightfully disengaged" LOL.
All righty then. Any of you want to know what the "rules" are to this award, can go on over to Sonia's blog and read them there. (this is the part that I break the rules...)

I myself, am not so much a screamer. well, not about, well. anyway... There are those blogs out there that I have to touch base with, check in on and just inspire the crap out of me. And as you can see, inspiration takes on many forms.

Before I commence with the list- it must be said that- truly believing in blogging without obligation- this in no way obligates anyone to accept, post, distribute or otherwise facilitate the usage of this award in any way. I am merely making my awesome, talented, seriously disturbed holding my birdie hostage, I mean- LOVE YOU SONIA friend happy and making an attempt to reassure her that I am not anti-social- they already caught the uni bomber - thanks for the support now lets get on with it... :o)

I know Renee has received this award before, along with countless others, but to me- she is the definition of inspiration- she makes me laugh, cry, scream, sit in awe and just overall inspires me to do everything better.

Heather is an amazing person, a spectacular artist and funny as hell. If you have never seen her work- you really must! Her attention to detail is mind boggling- just fabulous! And I am super excited to announce that she will be one of the first feature artists when I open the Noll for art retreats in the fall of 2010. (excitement, excitement, excitement!)

Carrie inspires me with her strength through adversity, her wicked sharp sense of humor, and not only is she a phenominal beader (serious respect for this beading thing!), she has a natural gift when it comes to experimentation and trying new techniques. My hero.

Luz: What is there to say about Luz? She makes me scream! She freakin rocks! Talent out the wazooooo- and a fire and passion for life, her family and her friends. that is truly inspiring. She is the ever-so-proud wife of a military man who has spent way too much time deployed- and she faces every day with grace (ok- not everyday- but then, that is when it gets fun!) and conviction- She is honest, in your face, tell it like it is. Courage and faith- I am proud to call this woman friend. (all she has to do is get off her blasted bum and open that etsy shop! oh my. did I say that? lol)

Di: because she lives and breathes talent, grace, courage, wild passions for life and the desire to be. Di is simply an amazing woman.

So there you have it. my list. It's not "10"- but they are so very important to me.

So now that am done - I can stop with the pics, although since I was playing with my camera- there is one thing that I am going to miss about where I worked. That is the view from the parking lot. This is the cathedral across the road from the lot. It stands proudly among dilapidated buildings, drug houses and a very dirty looking post office. As you can see- the great Gothic point rises above the otherwise depressing city. I must have gazed upon this building a thousand times- and every time it transported me to another time. Another place. The stories this building must be able to tell. I love it when architecture has the ability to move you. Don't you?

Have a wonderful week. Be creative. Be happy. Be.


Sonia ;) said...


WOW...we have so much in common its frikin scary...I will continue to break YOUR Rules..I think you are amazing as a person, artist and friend. Im dyslexic too..LOL..As explains my spelling sometimes....I want a new camera..You suck on that point. LOL..

Your photos are awesome...

I still shit my knickers when your name was pulled. LOL Karma Karma Karma..

I am going to just put a link to your site on my bring the social goodness in all of your days...

I LOVE you Dear friend..

xoxoxoxoxo Sonia ;)

Renee said...

Traccey (not that is how you signed your name on my comments -- is that the real way you spell it or is that the dyslexic way?) Anyway I like it and I'm going with it.

Thank you doll. I love awards.

Aren't you so excited about your own business. If those are your creations with the spikes out of the head with the balls on. Oh my God, they are fabulous (never thought I would use that bogus word) but I absolutely love them. Gorgeous.

I think you are so lucky to have your Dad live with you. He must love it.

Oh and your 5'11 lucky duck, I am 5 feet and 217 pounds; imagine me in a dance class. har har

I have to say I adore Sonia. Isn't she the best. To me, like you, I wish all the people could be real. Otherwise, what is the point.

Love this post and getting to learn more about you.

Tell your Dad your friend said hi.

Love Renee xoxoxoxo

Sonia ;) said...

OH BFF...LOL go by my blog NOW DAMMIT

Stepping off the edge said...

ohhh BFF!......:::poke:::
you rooooooOOOOOOOOoooock!
come on over and you can borrow my picture takin machine! rofl!!!

Renee- they are my originals- it is a new series I am creating entitled "Alone with my thoughts"- inspired by you and others waging the war... I just got overwhelmed with what must be going through the brain- and - well- these guys showed up! lol I can't wait until they are done- but I am going to take my time with them- so hopefully by end of July they will be out.
I will pass on the message love.
Have a great weekend!

Daydreamer :) said...

:::::deep breathe::::::: I will play as soon as I get caught up. I am having internet and mouse trouble at the moment. I have so many trips to post about. I have managed to talk my nephew into starting a blog (yeah, that means I'm setting up another one for someone else). I brought him to EPCOT yesterday and thought it would be nice to add all his pix to a blog for his family to view.
Heather :) <-----glutton for punishment LOL


Hey sweets.
I haven't forgotten about this post!!! I'm still hanging in here....just a bit loopy!!!
Here it is 3 am and I can't find sleep, but I'm so worn out, I think or see staight.

di from di-did-it said...

You are one helluvan amazing woman, my friend! What an engaged life you've lead & are leading. YOU INSPIRE ME! Hugs & thanks....