It's Almost Time! Party Time, that is!

It's almost time!

Is everyone getting ready, ready, ready?

The tarty tarts are in the oven!

I had to hide the Tea Pot- they were all going crazy trying to

practice getting poor little Dormouse stuffed inside! And No one was helping me with the decorations! ::pout::

But soon it will be Mad Tea Time! And all will be well... as long as De'Longears behaves himself this time! ::: where IS that darn bunny!!!!:::

Hey Alice! I'll hide the tarty tarts from the Hatter for as long as I can. Maybe I can bribe her with some shortyshort cake... (dosed with a bit of Dramamine; muwahahaa haa) That will slow her down!

I can't wait to make my rounds to visit with everyone! I have to go run amok in the morning (Long story short-Cheshire blanked when he should have blinked- sun hit those pearly whites and WHAM- scared the beejeeses out of this sweet old lady- UGH- there was marmalade glips and gooey blobs everywhere!).

OOOhhh - did I mention there will be give-aways? YEAH!!!! I love giving things to people- and since our LOVELY hostess Vanessa gives us such wonderful parties- I figure it is the least I can do- but give away TWO very special creations to TWO very special visitors! But more on that tomorrow!

HUGE thanks to Vanessa in advance!! She just gets so busy on party day! lol. She is the Hostess with the mostest!! Please check out her amazing blog for more info and the best tales of everyday Wonderland on blogger! OHHHH - and she is having an AMAZING print sale in her shop. Go check it out! you must, must, must!! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! It ends on Sunday! (the sale, not the party! lol)

See you at the MAD TEA PARTY!!

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