I reject your reality and substitute my own. a/k/a- okay. I will come home.

Seems like just yesterday- okay- maybe last week, but definatley not almost a month since I posted last... really? are you sure? I feel like the White Rabbit. and yet- So much, so busy, such news! (Word to the wise- prepare yourself. if you are planning to give up working for "the man"- you are going to need to work much harder, much longer and much faster. at least in the beginning. BUT- you'll have a great boss and love what you do- so it's a pretty decent trade)
Well, I couldn't possibly touch upon it all in one post- and really- lets face it- anything to make that "things to blog about" list longer without inducing lethargy and comma to the readers- yeah, good thing! So- lets just take a gander over at the side bar ------> that side
All of my local fans, friends, followers and stalkers alike should take in the Emmaus Farmers Market- a plethera of yummy wrapped in ecofriendly goodness- ok, do you really need an excuse to go to make an early morning jaunt to a farmer's market? really? Sundays- 10am to 2pm (tip: the in-season specialties are usually sold out by noon- so get there early!) through Thanksgiving! Plenty of time to head on down. Stop by Perk on Main while your there (directly acrossed the street- follow the foot traffic) Best coffee and espresso and so much more!

Speaking of Farmers Markets and Perk on Main- another gander at the side bar (psst. --->) and you will note that the Farmhouse Restaurant is hosting a "Taste of the Market"- (Big Tip- Get your tickets soon!!) Amazing Chefs (lead by Chef Michael Adams) preparing spectacular dishes from fresh off the farm (if it isn't Farm fresh local- it isn't used) and an art auction! This event raises spectacular funds for the Farmer's Market and local farmers. SO- Lets recap. Spectacular ambiance (seriously- have you ever been to the Farmhouse? Heaven!), Amazing food created by this regions most talented chefs, fresh off the farm ingredients, conversation and mingling with the areas movers and shakers and the chance to bid on creations from the many talented local artists ALL for only $30.00. Sounds like a date to me!

And of course speaking of Emmaus-It would be bad manners not to mention that this delightful little town is celebrating its 250th Anniversary. Much more festivities to follow! Schedules of events can be located on their anniversary page- follow the link.

One last mention here- before I head back out into the great unknown (at least for 5 more days!) Hang on to your lanterns ladies!- Get out your disguise guys! 'Fest up that studio and dress up those.. well anything that isn't running away screaming into the night actually.... I stopped by V's the other day and distinctly saw a pair of black hook-toed heels sitting in her hallway! You know what that means!! It is (almost) time for the Hauntingly Magical Halloween Party at A Fanciful Twist! (October 17th- mark your calendar!) I am beginning to plunder old chests as we speak- hmmm- what should I be this year??? oh and speaking of Miss Vanessa..... wait to you hear of her good fortunes and fun times- I am not going to spoil it- head on over yourself, say hi and don't forget to sign up for her party. So much fun, so little time!

Ok- back shortly. Have much news on the studio front. "alone with my thoughts" series on its way to completion (photos/listings soon)- finally photographing for the Artfire Grand Opening and... oh - a huge list of "products you are gonna LOVE" I have finished my final tests and trials and hmmm. good stuff out there in play land!

Hope all are well and recuperating from Vaca time. Just remember- "Back to reality" isn't so bad when you love what you do.
Creative Blessings!


di from di-did-it said...

good to see you back, hon! anxious to see your 'alone with my thoughts' series


Sonia ;) said...

YOUR Back? I thought maybe the kiddo set you a drift....I see you can swim though..Maybe a lil soggy?

I missed you...looking at the gallery pictures rotating on site...are they all yours?

wow you have been busy...

Love ya Missed ya..and party at V's...scandal awaits...

xoxo S

Selchie said...

Hi Lovely,

looks like you've had a productive time away, look forward to new arrivals.
As for reality, yes it's what you make it and wouldn't work for anyone else but moi, never quite feels like work in the same way.

Enjoy the rest of your hols,



Hey girl--

Welcome back-sort of. I know your happy-self is still out and about ending the Summer. I can only wish.

The market looks so inviting. Just how far from me are you? He-he I wouldn't mind paying a visit to your neck of the woods. Besides- how could I not come over and sample all the food you so lovingly spoke of. mmm mmm mmm.

As far Vanessa's the Halloween blog party--well I did it last year--I'm not sure I can come up with anything to match it!! LOL. I'm working limited brain power over here my friend-- Limited, I tell you. Does that mean you are commiting? That would be so fantastic, I love your brain and it's talented ways.
Ok so you be good the next week- and don't get to crazy and loose on the final free days!

Oh yes- I too miss working for myself, but I know what you mean about the cash flows. The lows were lows and the highs were highs, hang in there. You know you can make it all work out!