Icky Flu Friday

The title says it all. It's Friday and I have the flu. ICK!

The Halloween Ornies and goblettes are almost completed- and will be listed- once I regain my brain. I personally can't stand those blog posts that run on and on (and on) and say nothing. So, since I am in a NyQuil haze, I will spare you from the potential hazard of vapid idiocy and make this short and sweet.

Post 98. Big one is coming up- don't forget to follow, tweet and Fanpage to get your entries for the big give away!

Stay well my lovelies!

This side of the tissue is not a fun place to be!


Barbara/myth maker said...

Feel better soon! I love your Halloween ornies!


Ohh even sick..your talent shines!!Rock on and feel better soon. I miss you!!

di from di-did-it said...

Please feel GREAT soon!

Mystey Artist said...

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