Saturation Saturday

This photo (taken this summer off the the point on Lake Ontario) pretty much defines my current notion of saturation. Incapable of absorbing any more color, one more ounce of static, any more perfection, as it were. I have been trying to get caught up since my summer of travels. Getting back into a routine is harder than expected. My mind keeps taking me back to places such as this- and while I find it inspiring- it has led me to a place that is- well- chaotic. So many things to do, to try, to get done. I feel like i am training for a marathon. A marathon that has no date, not length and no end. Of course the pending change of seasons is of no help- but that is a whole other post. So- in a nut shell, here is the mind numbing saturation; the things I have completed, the things I am working on, things that are finished and things that I have learned during my hiatus from the "real world"- although I have to say this:
Lesson one: I am just on the cusp of the real world- that thing that I was doing before, all those years- not so real. And certainly not so filled with life as the one I am in now.

For those that don't Facebook or haven't added my Fanpage (see link at bottom of page) yet- I was involved with the Canvas Project: Encyclopedia. It was hosted by an Atlanta based gallery called The ArtHouse. It was a project that involved artists from 48 States and 21 Countries. When the exhibit was opened there were 6000 plus paintings and they chose 1200 of those to represent this amazing collaboration. When I heard of the mass response to this project- you can imagine my profound excitement in learning that I was one of the 1200 to be chosen. The show ran at the Atrium Gallery at the Atlanta Airport, then back home to the Arthouse and will ultimately wind up in a book called the Arthouse Encyclopedia V.1.

Still working off this little high-

Lesson two: Exposure is a wonderful thing-No matter how small it may seem to others, or how scary it may seem to you- get your creations out there and revel in the delight as to where they wind up.
Huge score at Dick Blick. Twice a year- they hold a massive canvas sale. One that actually warrants showing up. I say that only because we have all been taken in by the "sale" and if you are anything like I am- 20% off- NOT a sale. However- this sale is an elevated mix and match sale which translates in to huge savings on canvas. The idea is this- the more you buy the bigger the savings. If you purchase 20+ pieces you get 70% off the lot! Why is this good, you ask, knowing that the average decent sized canvas these days is between 50-80$? Because they added the mix and match! You don't have to buy 20 of the $50 canvas- you can buy 10 of the 5$ canvas, 8 of the 3$ canvas, 2 of the 50$ canvas (you get the point) and get 70% off the whole thing! for example.. this whole pile of canvas (and some are hidden due to piling- there were 65 in all) cost less than $200. Huge score, right!! And I am a sucker for the thick gallery wraps- so to get them on the cheap is like having christmas, your birthday, dark chocolate and a good wine all at the same time! The sale runs usually back to school time and then once on the spring. Keep your eyes and ears open (they don't make a huge fuss about it when it comes to advertisments) and save those pennies! It is worth the wait!

The "alone with my thoughts" dolls are nearing completion. A few more tweeks and twitches and they will be ready for sale just in time for the holidays! Speaking of the holidays and sales and such - there is a huge upturn with the Etsy shops. Due to an overwhelming quantity - Giggling Goblin is going strictly vintage and found objects. All of the Ooaks and art work will be moved to a new shop Whisperings13 on Etsy as well as the Artfire shop. This move is time consuming but needed, as I have had much feedback as to the art "getting lost" and folks not wanting to weed through the vintage to find my work. Hopefully this will make a smoother shopping (and selling!) experience for all. Whisperings 13 will be up and running for shipments to be made in time for Halloween!
Lesson Three: Sometimes you have to re-do, re-make and re-master things a dozen times before it feels right. Listen to your market and your "peeps"- Sometimes a critic is more helpful than a cheerleader.

The Farmer's Market dinner and auction was... fabulous! not only a success for the Farmer's Market but also a delight for those in attendance! The food was amazing!! The night could not have been more perfect; there was good friends, good wine, great food and perfect weather! Kudos to all that put on the event! I can't wait until next year.

These are the paintings that I donated to the market's art auction- Full of texture and color- I just thought they were a perfect fit for the event.

A few more WIPs I am working on- As bizarre as it sounds- I am find newspaper very satisfying to work with! I have a few "in-progress" photos for next time to give you an idea of what I mean.

Which brings me to the next thing I learned.

Lesson four: Sometimes it can all be summed up with one word. Less is definitely more, and quality is definitely better than quantity.

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Have a great weekend!
Enjoy each other.
Live well.


Daydreamer :) said...

Hmmmm.... where do I go to critique instead of cheer for you? - lol.


Ohhh -so very glad you are back!! Missed you -it's been a long summer- huh? LOL

Okkay then --I am loving that goblin with the star..He? is too adorable. I know adorable is not the word--magical--that's it. It's calling me...asking me to seek him out---how about layaway, I asked? LOL. Love it! love it!!

Ok so I feel off facebook--but I'm still here girl--still here!! Have a wonderful time trying to get yourself back in the swing. I'm sure you can do it!!
By the way--love the photo too. You'll have to share fall with us! said...

Some fantastic work

Elise said...

LOVE this one - and you have a great blog here !

blinkeeluna said...

I'm pretty sure that it would not be long and you're gonna get your groove back. all artists have to learn to live with these annoying dry spells every once so often. You're doing the right thing in continuing with your usual way of life and processes in spite of how you are feeling as of the moment.