Messy Studio Distractions of Holiday Glee

Distractions, Distraction, Distractions.
How can you not get caught up in the holiday glee- upcoming, soon upon us, people becoming nicer by the day.

I admit- I have a perpetual holiday excitement. Starts a month before Halloween and continues through the new year. I get so caught up- I forget to blog, to tweet, to well- there is a list a mile long on that one!
Studio mayhem.
Messy, Messy Madness.

No time to clean up. No time to re-organize.
Time for that in the new year. maybe.

For now- a glorious mess.
Where Women Create must peek in here and cringe.
Miss Manners (does anyone remember her?) says you should be no more than fifteen minutes
away from company. I think I am abouth fifteen hours, maybe months. HA!
Sorry  Miss Manners- I have to go paint now!

Happy Madness Bloggers, Stalkers and Lurkers!
(and Happy Birthday to that extra special one!)

enjoy each other.
live well.


Sonia ;) said...

LOL..You have been busy girlie...Liking where ur going with it...Is that why my kids say Im a neat freak? Miss Manners damn her.


Sophia said...

My, my...what a busy chickie you have been! :) Hope you have a super Friday!!

Sarah Kaul said...

Aw wow! I love these little figures, they are cute, but in an unusual kind of way. Brilliant, wish I could make things like that :)

The Josie Baggley Company said...

Love your creations. They're weird & wonderful!-just the way I like stuff to be !
I get so caught up with the Christmas preparations too & I relish it all! I am 'switched on during mid Oct & keep it going 'til end jJan when then I just keep it tucked away within -only for ME to tap into for my fix when I need one-like during June or something!lol