A Wonderful Artist, Humanitarian, Friend and her Art for a Cause IAM

 Many of you out there all ready know of whom I refer, but I would like to take this moment to share with the rest of you- this wonderful individual. Her name is Sonia Rodriguez.  I am proud to call her friend. She can usually be found lurking at her blog, the Dark Ravens Nest- but mostly - she is out and about. Living authentically. Reaching out across the miles. She is a very talented artist, a self taught third generation artist to be exact. Taught by her father and grandfather to pay attention to those creative muses when they begin whispering in her ear. But more to the point- she is a phenomenal human being. Another trait, I believe she inherited from the ones that went before her. Sonia is strength and inspiration. She is fire and life. She is humor and humanity. She has taught me so many things. Reaching out. Reminding me to remember to believe in the good in people, to take a chance, to look foolish  and to love unconditionally- no matter what the cost- because in the end, it is what is most important.

Sonia has touched so many lives, and she has allowed so many lives to touch her. She is there to hold out her hand, offering support and a lift up off the ground to anyone who needs it.

Now, I know that it is hard to find a person on this planet that has not been touched by cancer. I am not going to go into the circumstances surrounding how this came to be- you need to hear it in Sonia's words. But while most of us cry, get pissed off and feel helpless- Sonia, in true Sonia fashion has decided to do something about it. She has created an entire character “IAM” and hand draws this character to greeting cards (All of the artwork on this page are examples of these fabulous designs- there are many more at her store) and is selling them and giving half of everything that she makes on the sale of these cards to The Wellness Community. A global support network helping where it is needed most; those individuals facing this horrible disease. She is also donating 25% of all of her other sales of art work to this charity as well.

Please take a moment. Remember someone in your life that has helped you, inspired you, made you laugh or made you cry- and if it was not that person that was touched by cancer- I guarantee you- they knew someone that was.

"IAM" cards and Sonia's Etsy shop “Sonia Rodriguez Designs” can be found here.

Her blog “Dark Raven's Nest” can be found here.

And if that doesn't convince you- you need to visit the wonderful, inspiring and breath-taking Renee. Read just a few of her posts. Introduce yourself, say hello. You will fall in love with this woman, as thousands of others have. Her insight and ability to let you into her world, her love; her pure, raw struggle to stay with us and her humor through it all, will inspire you. Renee can be found here.

We can all help make a difference- a small gesture- by supporting people like Sonia who are walking the walk. And just think how good you will feel – because in addition to helping make that difference, you get an incredible piece of artwork – to remind you of that one moment. That one person, that touched your life.

Thank you Sonia. For being you.
Enjoy each other.
Live well.


Sonia ;) said...

Awwwwwwwwww....Shucks....Ummm speechless...thats shocking right there....Thank you sister....I love you and for believing in me always....Ok now go about something else...LOL...wow...dont know what to say...LOL...Ok love you crazy lady


Whisperings 13 said...

;OP.... did I mention- I LOVE the painted toes!! makes me laugh every time!