Tuesday Night Ramblings, Wips, Project Art Dolls and such

Greetings and Hello! It has been awhile since my last post but here we are again in the mix of things! First and foremost I want to thank everyone for their cards, emails, ecards, comments and generous thoughts of well wishes while I have been recuperating. I appreciate every one of them! Thank you!!

While the leaves have given into the forces of gravity, and the air has turned cool- no wait that isn't right. This past week has been hovering around 70 degrees here in the Northeast- not to say it doesn't chill up when the sun goes down- it still remains a wonder as to what season it is exactly. The color of the leaves seem to resemble Autumn, but the temperatures are still in the vicinity of late summer. No wonder my poor trees are confused! All of the Black Walnuts have been naked for about a month now- and yet the Sassafras just won't let go of its orange'y goodness!

I have to say this is my favorite tree. It hovers over the house, cloaking the entrance in shade during the summer months and when the leaves do start to fall- when I exit my front door I am greeted with a hundred little mittens as if all waving “Hello! Welcome outside! Have a great day!”- Yes- I know. Silly. But, I just love my trees. Every last one. Which is a good thing since my back yard looks like this:

(Those poor naked sticks are the Black Walnut trees)
But I digress. Back to the Studio! Last time we met- I was just starting a new piece for a group I am working with- the subject being “Side show Freaks”. I chose Josephene Myrtle Corbin (1868-1928) to take inspiration from- and this is what she looked like after her head was completed.

Yes- I use aluminum foil as a substructure for some of my dolls. And yes- it is recycled! I fold it flat when I am done with whatever I am using it for in the kitchen- icky side out- and throw it in the dishwasher (top rack)- comes out sparkly clean and disinfected and ready for a second use! (Rule Number One- EVERYTHING has a second use!). The trick with the aluminum foil is that you want to give it a wrap with some masking tape- so the foil does not react with the clay. This is particularly important if you are using a fimo or other clay that needs to be baked. Here she is with her masking tape wrap still showing on her legs, and a first layer of airdry clay on her top.

And this is what she looks like now, after a second layer of airdry clay and a bit of hard sculpting on her clothing.

At this point, she is going to be a mix of hard and soft sculpt- I want to give her a vintage feel- true to a woman of the 1800's- so she will remain armless until the last possible moment. She is very “white” in this picture, because I have already applied two generous coats of gesso to her body and three to her face. The third layer of gesso isn't absolutely necessary on the face- but I hate sanding- and that extra layer helps keep the “skin” smooth. Next stop, hair and make-up and a stop at the wardrobe department!

While I was unable to move from the couch (seriously- how on earth do couch potatoes do it! After 3 days I was going completely mad! And it took two weeks! The crazies have set in Big time!) I also had time to start on the ornaments for my local shops- I am hoping to have at least an extra dozen to offer on Etsy and Artfire as well!

Pieces and body parts. Poor Elves. Hope I don't loose any!

(click this <---- over there)
SO. I know that I have mentioned this before. But really- It is worth mentioning again. and again. and again. Until every last one of you have become a fan, followed and tweeted with greatness! Where Women Create has started their own blog. I am still SOOOooo excited! really! I was obsessed  with the book. Danced for a week when I received the advert that they were turning it into a magazine- because that was just, well, YEAH! And now, NOW the ever delightful Jo Packham has given us THE blog. More studios, more artists, more eye candy than anyone can handle at one visit. Absorption. Long term absorption is what it takes. And a list of amazing artists as long as your arm! I myself am half way through the list. I realize that statement is actually and metaphorically (or is that euphorically? Cause- did I mention I am ON that list! With all of those phenomenal women! Little ol' me. shock.) Oh yes- IMPORTANT- BTW! Because they are having their first anniversary- they are having a give away! Great glorious (a/k/a really cool stuff!) gifts - go- check it out- I won't be upset if you run out the door. It's okay- just stop back sometime and give me a report. Let me know if there is anything I missed- or anything that particularly struck you. I love it when I know that I am not the only one that gets excited about seeing other artists studios- or struck with great love jealousy over their fantastic organizational skill. But I am still rambling and you need to go visit Jo. Now shooo.

enjoy each other.
live well.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I like those poor naked sticks.... :-)

Sonia ;) said...

Well as long as it isnt your naked limbs out there in the trees.....whew....Liking the portait of me their...oh wait not me some lady of freakiness...

Gawd still sick? WTF am I gonna do with you...


Tracey said...

Me too Mother's Moon, me too-
makes it easier for moon gazing without the leaves, though! Ha!

Sonia darling! miss you! I am on the mend darling- pretty soon we will be back to jammin to Pink and blitzing at rapid speed! I love your cards!