Blogger killed the art blog....

Sounds like something straight out of the Age of Plastic!! okay, okay,- how many of you actually got that reference? We all know the song (I think I can say "all"), yeah- even the young'ins have heard of "Video Killed the Radio Star"- not many remember that it was the Smash hit of The Buggles or that it was of their album (yes. album. funny circular thingies- originally made of wax but towards the end of their lives only a polymer derivative. you put it on a record player... *this was me explaining to my son a few years back what a "record" was*) so the album was The Age of Plastic which even fewer people remember.
WHY the British synth-pop new age 1979 flash back?? funny. it was the song that started playing in my head the second I saw my blog the other day. only of course the lyrics went something to the effect of... Blogger just killed the art blog....
seems that when Blogger instituted their new "we can design it for you" feature- it blew apart all of my pretty little swirls, whirlygigs and link buttons. so now it just looks like the aftermath of a Donner family reunion. yuck.
I am currently working on a redesign- should be up in a few days- might even have a preview later on - but I absolutely have to get everything running spiffy before the big party on the 26th! <---- look over there.

In the mean time. Have a listen and have fun.

Love each other.
Live well.

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