New Digs, a New Start and a bit of Zen

A brand new look- that was relatively painless- considering Blogger has forced me to redo this thing about 4 times so far- i must be getting the hang of it!

of note- you will notice that all of the comments are being monitered for approval. I know its a bit of a pain and I will be lifting it for the 26th- but since my studio promotions have taken off, there comes with it the opening of the door to spammers and porn leavers. (people that randomly attack blogs and list/post/spam followers and blogs with porn links) So since those few bad apples seem to LOVE my blog, I am forced to put the monitor on. (Poopy heads! you know who you are!!)

it has been a long day of coding and computing so I am going to get back to this tomorrow.

Love each other.
Live well.

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