We have a winner! and get ready for Summerfest!

after counting and marking and chopping and tossing and reaching and reading...
we have a winner of the Mad Tea Party Giveaway
{{{{{{{drum roll please}}}}}}}
Joyce!  from Nanas Space and Nanas Little Hobby

Joyce was the lucky party guest who commented during
the Mad Tea Party and  won this OOAK Hand sculpted Ornie-Mental!
{{{{clap, clap, clap, clap}}}}}}

i just want to thank all of my guests for making this an Loveeerleee Tea Party in the maddest of sorts! i wish i had a little something to give to and every one of you! *hmmmmm* now that is an idea For next year!!
Better get to work, eh? there are an awful lot of party goers! i'm going to need more clay!

Okay. time to get back to it then!
i am in the process of moving the studio and need till Monday to get everything situated~ but after that- make sure you stop back, mark it down!
i am hosting a summerfest of tutorials, how-to's and free e-classes thru july and august.
while i have a list of topics to be covered- but if anyone has somthing they really want to know how to do, or want the "secret of" - just drop me a comment or send me an email- and i will do my best to put it on the list!

Have a WONDERFUL and SAFE  July 4th Weekend!

Live well.
Love each other.

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