Wondering Thru Wonderland~ Mayhem Mischief and Madness

We're off to see the sights.
traverse, a trek, a trip.
a quest, a tour, a wondering
of optical delights.
To wonder off thru WOnderland,
with rumor of a spree,
presented by the one and only

Take a look around my friends,
we'll see what we can spy.
just keep your feet upon the ground,
while your dreams are in the sky.

Don't forget! Be well aware,
not all is cake and crumpet.
Lenny has been captured by the Red Queen!
 that surly, little strumpet.

All together now...
Twinkle Twinkle little bat, how i wonder where your at
Up above the world you fly
like a tea tray in the sky...

ohhh.. shiny!
Orbs of green and red and white grown straight up from the ground where ever you look around here the is something to be found it glitters and it glistens from the sky down to the ground impossible things really but they must be true because here i am seeing them but also seeing you
'have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?'

''There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full
of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.
Which luckily I am."

'What is the Hatter with me??!!
no worries..
we're all mad here!

Oh dear- where was I- before the madness took over?
ah yes- the drinks that make you shrink  (bitter but it works)
and little cakes that make you grow, made entirely of clover.
(how do you know? did you bake them? *giggle, snort*)

Leon! No! that's Not for you! you silly little elf.
the last time that you ate one
you picked me up
and stuffed me on that shelf!

The key you will need to
get through the door
but to find it is hard
you'll have to explore.
But wait! There it is- with Leonard and Brom!
Oh stop quarreling you two!
you can both hand it to them!
(when those two get together- it is nothing but mayhem!)

Oh I hope they behave, for the White Queen is watching!
Since the Hatter went missing, well, her hair it is... blotching.
(yes- i know she is bald, but we must be polite- you can't go up to the Queen and
just announce she's a fright!)


Hatter Chatter Pitter Patter time to skitter skat!
Batter Clatter Platter Scatter
Don't Forget the hAt!

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check back as I will be adding new listings through out the weekend!
***And One lucky person leaving a comment will receive a OOAK hand sculpted ornament!***

Enjoy the Mad Tea PArty!
and remember,
 if your feeling a bit on the bonkers...
All the Best People are!


Javajune said...

Your guests are amazing. enjoy the party

Elena said...

HAHA! How cool! And love the new backgrounds!

KathrynAntyr said...

Thank you for a delightful time. You are a clever one! Follow your heart and join me as we go to the Forest of Wishes. I have party gifts waiting for everyone! http://collagediva.typepad.com/collagediva/2010/06/blogparty.html

{{soul hugs}}
Kathryn, Collage Diva

Kristal said...

I finally got mine done and was coming over to check out yours! It's wonderful (of course!) I'm loving all your new creations.



Anonymous said...

Aaah... such a wonderful party! I thought I start my visit at the bottom of the list *teehee* and I was surprised to find such an awesome blog!! Thanks for all the inspiration and if you come to my blog, I'll pour you some tea (if you're not full already...)

Waterrose said...

OHHH...splendid! clapping as you take a bow! thanks for stopping by!

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Very cool! I really love your blog background :)

kayellen said...

What fun!! My head is swimming with teaparty delights!!

Kay Ellen

Designs by Blanche said...

What a delightful Mad Tea Party! Your characters are amazing!
Thanks so much for having us - please drop by for a visit when you can!

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a clever group of characters invited for your tea.
Such a lovely party, and your photographs are stuning.

Happy Mad Tea.

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

Wonderful creations!! Your new blog layout is incredible as well!

♥ Alice Maria-Thérèse Afiori in Swedish Wonderland blog.afiori.com

Bella said...

Love this! What wonderful creations. :) Your photos are great. Feel free to stop by my place... I have lots of goodies on the table waiting. :)

Sherry said...

Very nice! Love your art. Such fun at this tea party business!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What fun and delightful guests! And yes, I'm mad as a hatter, too! And a magpie. When you said "shiny objects," I admit to a certain quickening of the pulse. ;-)

Thank you for tea. I must rush to catch the others as I'm late...


Sheila :-)

Maggi said...

~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

What a beautiful party for such marvelous guests!

Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

JoAnne said...

Thanks for inviting me. It was wonderful!

Deborah said...

Oh my, you are the talented one! Love your creations. Deeeeeelightful!
**blows kisses** Deb

Laura Bray said...

Such beautiful photos! Visit my Circus Tea Party at http://katydiddys.blogspot.com

D.Suplicki said...

Oh my, such wonderful characters attending your party! The photos are beautiful, thank you for having me over. :)

Brook said...

Beautiful art! and a delightful party! Sam and I have so enjoyed your art.

Staci said...

What a Mad party!

I hope Lenny is ok!

Love your work.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Your party is so imaginative (and I love the background of your blog)!

Thank you so much for visiting my party!

Happy Day to you!


Keepsake's Crafts said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Lovely party...

Alicia said...

they are wonderful little characters! this is a great party!!

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, what fun, I have to stay awhile. All of your guest have brought me quite a smile. A Cheshire Grin, yes that is more like it, and that is from eating a little too many bits. Of cake that is and I drank your wonderful tea and a SPOOOOOON!
Yes we are all a little mad as I can see you are too,
but like you say... All the Best People Are... and that will just do.
Have a Mad and Curious Day...Luv Wendy from Wonderland

Kandes Naylor said...

Thanks for visiting me today! Your post is wonderful and I can see why you recommended your camera. Great photos. We are off to the camera shop this weekend and will see what we come up with. have fun visiting all the tea parties today!


Carousel Dreams said...

He he, this was great fun! Love all your little characters...thanks for stopping by my place...so nice to meet you x

turquoise cro said...

mmmmmMMMMM! dON'T you JUST love a MAD Tea Party???!! hehe* snort

Rhonda Roo said...

A poem and fabulous peeps and a sense of humor...i bet the pantry shelves are all organized too :)

LOVE the cheshire cat in the last pic too and all the best peeps r feeling a bit bonkers is FUNNY.

Thanks for this very cool respite!
Rhonda Roo

Chatelaine said...

What a great cast of characters you had at your tea. Very unique post.

Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Elizabeth Barczynski said...

You kept me in stitches- the visit was grand! Thank you for the lovely time, please take my hand and visit wood-wings.blogspot.com

Cameron said...

Thank you much for having me here...
though your characters left me with a feeling most queer...

The tea was delightful...the Red Queen frightful....
And now, I bid you adieu, My Dear :)

Justina said...

I had a lovely time at your tea party and your sculptures are amazing ! Thanks for stopping by my party as well... I hope you stop by again soon!
La Boheme Magique

Celia said...

What a lovely tea party! Thank you for inviting me....please come by and have tea with me too....

Bianca said...

Your guests are really something. Glad I could join them. Thanks for having me over for tea. Hope you can join me as well.

Joyce said...

You're site is incredibly gorgeous! I love all your little characters. I will have to bookmark it so I can back for a much loner visit. Be sure to drop by for some tea.

Deborah said...

I had a lovely time at your party and it was so wonderful to meet the entire crew. Such fun I have been having on this magical ride. Thank you for having me and for dropping by my Doll Tea Party

Abi said...

Perfect party! I enjoyed it :O)
Thank you for stopping by my blog!

sonyamacdesigns said...

This Mad Hatter Guy/girl really get around ... Luv your tea party post...

slommler said...

What a fabulous party!! Loved all the people there. They are all so unique and quite the lookers!!
Stop by my party if you have time?

Anthropomorphica said...

A brilliant party for sure, I had fun with Leon the elf ;)

You put so much into this and the verse was wonderful, I love it!!!

Thank you so much for your comment on my tea party too :)

Sandi M said...

A wonderful tea party with luscious creatures along the way :)

julietk said...

I am visiting you second of all as I start at the bottom, being an unconventional person and I hope it gives those last on the list a little lift to be first for a change :-) Wonderful creations in your post. I invite you to my party too.

Valeriote Design said...

Mischievous elves... how divine! What fun I had during my visit here.

Sarah said...

Lovely party thank you! I love the Cheshire cat's grin!

Sylvia Smiser said...

What a great tea party! I love all of your guests! If you get a chance come visit my Mad tea party at anaboocreationsbysylvia.blogspot.com
Hope to see you there,

~Que Bella~ said...

What a wonderfully mad tea party! Love all the characters! Thanks for having me!

yyam said...

What a marvelous tea party! Your characters look great! :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Such a fun little ditty for the party. Your art is charming. Be sure to stop by my party post for a chance to win http://treasures-found.blogspot.com
Enjoy the day!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Excuse me for being so fashionably late...I hope you will not be irate. Your tea party was fun - it shined like the sun! And thank you for offering such a wonderful dor-prize! If you have not already done so, I'd be honored if you would sit a spell with me~for tea...http://faeriemooncreations.blogspot.com/2010/06/its-mad-tea-party.html
Sincerely, Theresa (aka The White Queen)

MARLOU B. said...

Delightful party! Love all the characters!
Thank you so much for sharing!

Marina Capano said...

What a just beautiful Mad tea party post!
I love it!

Visit me anytime...


Scrap Vamp said...

Thank you for the amazing journey through wonderland!

Victoria Sayer said...

So sorry I'm late for this Mad Tea Time date...I have been toing and froing around the other Mad Tea Parties...whew!...and I still have not come close to seeing them all....yet. Thanks for this quirky trip, and the tea. If you can get the chance, please come to visit me for some more mad tea, in the Secret Enchanted Forest at:

Cosmic Goddess said...

What a wonderful tea party! Sorry for not visiting sooner, I’ve been lingering too long at each party :)

Please stop by my blog if you fancy a cuppa and a slice of the Queen of Hearts’ Strawberry Tart…

Joyce said...

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