SummerFest- Free E-Class Tutorial- Time to Make the Ghoulies Part Three

 I can't believe it's monday already and another week has past!
First thing we need to do is make a pair of boots for our ghoulie
so that he can stand on his own.

all we are going to need is the paperclay, a few tools and  a skewer. by the way- the skewers
come in handy for a multitude of reasons- but the coolest is that they are just a hair larger than the
15 gauge armature wire- which allows all your pieces to fit together just right.

work a piece of clay into a cylinder form.

place on your table and cut in half. one for each foot.

shape into a triangle form and then pull up one side to form a boot- and round
out the front.
take the flat end of the skewer and poke a hole for the leg wire
to go in- once that hole is in there- then you can gently place your ghoulie
into the boots- to make sure you have a good fit, and the wire sits in the boot properly.

i added little buttons for effect.  place them up on a piece of styrofoam to dry-
you can put them anywhere flat really, just not wood (the oils will seep into clay).
i just use a piece of styrofoam because it is clean and "seep free"- nothing in it to come out
and nothing you put on it will seep in.
while they are drying, it is time to rip up some fabric.

i used coffee stained muslin. you may use what ever fabric you choose- just rip
it up into strips that wil fit comfortably around your ghoulie.
and start wrapping.

leave some hangers- ghoulies can be so messy.

gently place in the boots again- to make sure the wrappings don't do down
to far, and the boots dont fit.  once the first wrapping sets, and the boots are dry
glue the boots in place and then give the ghoulie another wrap.

now is the time to start playing with your ghoulie. paint, embellish, give the final
the finished ghoulie is within sight!

thank you for all of the emails! i will get to everyone of you!
and thank you Elizabeth! that means my goal has been achieved! to take some of the intimidating out of art dolls. This is just a beginning. like i explained- these are your basic, basic steps. but once you start (and you will :O)  you will develop your own style and technique; your work will become more refined and intricate- never worry about watching someone else- that is where inspiration comes from- if one werent to teach another- the "art of" would fade away. 
Allison; The objective is to develope your own style, and not continue to copy someone elses. when your starting out you are mimicking actions- as an artist your talent will shine through and so will your own style. it takes loads of practice. some people think you can just wake up and be good at something- just because someone else is-  what they dont show you are the hours and hours of work it took to get there. it is fun. it is an amazing thing to be able to do, actually- but it is also a great deal of work to perfect.

Ger:  no, you did not miss the steps. i realise i did not go over hands and face painting. that is for a whole other day!:O)  this is for getting the basic armature and form down. just a look to take the scarey out of the whole process.  i had a number of people approach me not understanding or knowing how to begin- my answer to them is this basic step class to get them started on their way.

okay- see you all next week!!

live well.
love each other.


julietk said...

A great tutorial of a great character ;-)

di from di-did-it said...

once again you amaze me. is there anything you can't do? encourage, create, teach, inspire, respect the earth while breaking new ground. you rock, girl.
I was asked recently who my role models are. you were/are on that list.

Sophia said...

Wow! Great tutorial, how long did it take you put this together? Off to check out more. :)

Love your ghoulies!